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Jóvenes en el Reino Unido: ¿Cómo te sientes al salir de casa por primera vez??

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Una encuesta ha encontrado 98% de los padres en el Reino Unido dijeron que sufrieron un "dolor extremo" después de que sus hijos adolescentes se fueran de casa para ir a la universidad este año, ahora nos gustaría escuchar a los jóvenes. Después de un año y medio de estar en casa..

Liverpool’s Takumi Minamino at the double as Norwich get familiar feeling

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Greek internationals of vast promise graced both halves of the pitch, but gifts were only sent one way. Liverpool cruised into the fourth round and suggested that, should they fancy it, they have the depth for a serio...

Gordon Elliott savours winning feeling again after returning from suspension

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For the first time since early March, a Gordon Elliott runner walked into a winner’s enclosure at Sligo on Wednesday as the Grand National-winning trainer recorded his first success after being banned from the sport f...

‘A joyous feeling’: Sampology on making a film with his grandfather – decades after he died

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With arms outstretched and legs kicking, a grandfather and grandson glide over office towers and city blocks, their flight powered by imagination, a rudimentary green screen and a VHS camera. The scene is part of a ca...

The start of the Tokyo Paralympics gives feeling something special is happening

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There’s still something inside me that knows it’s a Games year. Even though I last competed at the 2004 Paralympics in Athens, it’s almost like my body has become attuned to being ready. You wake up and there’s this f...

Romelu Lukaku ‘back home’ at Chelsea and finally feeling loved

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Fittingly, it was Didier Drogba who confirmed the news that most Chelsea fans had been hoping for. “He’s coming home,” wrote the former Ivory Coast striker at the weekend in a message on social media accompanied by ni...

It’s a glorious feeling when you and your singles bubble buddy just hang doing nothing

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When the singles bubble was announced, I found myself awash with what people much cooler than me call “the feels”. Relief. Excitement. Terror. I’ll be able to have a hug! I’ll be able to sit on a couch with someone an...

Sending the army into locked-down Sydney will leave the most vulnerable feeling angry and targeted

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The New South Wales government’s eventual decision to accept troops to enforce Covid-19 public health restrictions and door-to-door compliance reflects the depths of the alarming crisis it finds itself in when it come...

The feeling around the national cabinet table these days is Gladys Berejiklian succumbed to hubris

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By all accounts, Gladys Berejiklian already knew her public pleading for more vaccine supply had fallen on barren ground before she gathered with Scott Morrison and the other premiers virtually for the latest national...

The feeling of being cooped up like lockdown will never end, is just a feeling

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‘Pictures left me feeling overwhelmed’: Rashford speaks of support as new mural unveiled

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Marcus Rashford has spoken of how a Manchester mural and its “outpouring of support really lifted” him at one of his “lowest points”, as a new tribute was painted on the wall of a community football clubhouse reading:...

Jess Phillips: ‘I enjoy feeling angry. It inspires me’

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Jess Phillips, 39, has been Labour MP for Birmingham Yardley since 2015 and is an outspoken crusader for women’s rights. She is married to a former lift engineer and they have two sons. Her new book, Everything You Re...

End to Covid rules for England ‘leaves 3.8m vulnerable people feeling abandoned’

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Cancer patients, disabled people and other clinically extremely vulnerable groups say they will feel unsafe stepping the house after hearing that mask and social distancing requirements are to be abandoned, charities ...

Muslim voters ‘feeling unprecedented discontent’ with Labour

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Muslim voters across the UK are feeling unprecedented discontent with the Labour party, campaigners said after the Batley and Spen vote, as George Galloway promised his party would fight possible future byelections in...

The sun came out – now all I want is to wear a T-shirt without feeling embarrassed

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For a while, it looked as if the biggest after-effect of the pandemic’s latest wave would be eternal rain – all day and all night, stopping us from wanting to go outside even though we’re allowed to. Amazon would have...

Lewis Hamilton niega sentir la presión de Verstappen a pesar del error de Bakú

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Lewis Hamilton ha insistido en que no se debilitará bajo presión en su pelea por el campeonato mundial de Fórmula Uno con Max Verstappen.. Hamilton cometió un error inusual y costoso en el Gran Premio de Azerbaiyán, pero, spea ...

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