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Humpback whale ‘megapod’ feeding frenzy filmed off Australia’s NSW coast – video

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A 'megapod' of about 150 humpback whales has been filmed feeding off the New South Wales coast near Bermagui. This is believed to be the second time a pod of this size has been filmed in Australian waters. Footage cou...

Feeding birds in our gardens is a joy – but it may be harming weaker species

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Feeding birds is hard-wired into our national psyche. The apocryphal Victorian “tuppence a bag” for seed for the Trafalgar Square pigeons has morphed into a national pastime, with an estimated 17m households spending ...

What should we be feeding our cats? - podcast

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In mid-June this year, some brands of cat food were recalled as a precaution after a sudden increase in cases of feline pancytopenia, a rare blood disease that can be fatal. Shivani Dave speaks to Daniella Dos Santos,...

‘You’re feeding them like athletes’: how I tasted success selling raw dog food

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Not many dogs can claim to have a business named after them but, long before Bruno, a collie-lurcher cross, had his name above a shop, he was struggling to inspire much in anyone at all. That was until he met Bradley ...

EU to lift its ban on feeding animal remains to domestic livestock

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A ban on farm feed made of animal remains introduced during the BSE crisis is to be lifted in the EU to allow cheap pig protein to be fed to chickens over fears that European farmers are being undercut by lower standa...

Feeding frenzy: the central role of meal times in the life of a cricketer

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Cricketers – and cricket writers – tend to adhere to Napoleon’s mantra: they like to march on their stomachs. They have always done so, as the tale of George Gunn – a Nottinghamshire batsman for three decades either s...

What Are We Feeding Our Kids? review – junk food exposé will leave you queasy

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Maybe we will come to measure out the pandemic in Tulleken time. The identical twin brothers – and practising doctors – Chris and Alexander (Xand) van Tulleken have had a busy year; they have rarely been off our scree...