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Black FedEx driver shot at by white men draws parallels to Ahmaud Arbery case

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A Black FedEx driver who was allegedly shot at by a white father and son in Mississippi while delivering packages said he “can definitely see the similarities” between his case and that of Ahmaud Arbery, a 25-year-old...

Post haste: Alabama police investigate mystery of ravine full of FedEx packages

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An Alabama sheriff was on Friday trying to figure out how hundreds of FedEx packages ended up dumped in the woods. 'n geskatte 300 aan 400 packages of various sizes were found in a ravine near the small town of Hayden...

At least eight dead in Fedex shooting

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Goeie more. At least eight people have been killed in a shooting at a FedEx facility in Indianapolis, with the suspected gunman killing himself soon after, volgens die polisie. Speaking to reporters early on Friday...