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Aggiornamento in tempo reale delle notizie sul Covid in Australia: gabinetto federale per discutere l'obiettivo zero netto; NSW, I tassi di vaccinazione Victoria e ACT aumentano

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La coalizione affronta oggi l'accordo sugli obiettivi di emissioni in vista del vertice Cop26; NSW e Vic osservano le libertà precoci poiché vengono raggiunti i principali obiettivi di vaccinazione; ACT esce dal blocco venerdì. Segui in diretta tutte le news del giorno

Outcry after federal agents kill eight wolf cubs adopted by Idaho school

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Conservationists in Idaho are speaking out against the “inhumane” killings of eight wolf pups that were part of a pack adopted by a high school since 2003. The killings were discovered after biologists who tracked the...

No federal charges against officer who shot and paralyzed Jacob Blake

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Federal prosecutors will not file charges against a white police officer who shot and paralyzed a Black man, Jacob Blake, in Kenosha, Wisconsin, l'anno scorso. Officer Rusten Sheskey shot Blake during a domestic disturba...

Federal court rules insurers don’t have to pay out more than $1bn in Covid claims from businesses

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Insurance companies have won a series of test cases in a federal court battle over whether they have to pay out claims, estimated to exceed $1bn, over interruptions to business as a result of the coronavirus pandemic....

House Democrats vote to establish federal right to abortion

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House Democrats voted on Friday to establish a federal right to abortion, moving swiftly to advance the measure after the supreme court declined to stop a Texas law effectively outlawing the procedure and as they awai...

Federal Reserve hints it will end pandemic stimulus programs

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The Federal Reserve signaled on Wednesday that it may start cutting its enormous pandemic stimulus programs as soon as November and could raise interest rates next year. The US central bank left interest rates unchang...

Kansas boy’s insect entry at state fair wins prize – and triggers federal inquiry

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A young contestant’s proud entry at the Kansas state fair caused a flap when a judge saw the specimen submitted in the boy’s exhibition box – and it prompted a federal investigation. The show item was a dead spotted l...

Federal officials delay ruling on whether to ban market-leading Juul e-cigarettes

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Federal health officials on Thursday delayed a high-stakes decision on whether to permit the bestselling vaping brand Juul to stay on the market, while banning the sale of thousands of other electronic cigarettes in t...

Greens vow to push for ‘tycoon tax’ if the next federal election results in a hung parliament

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The Greens have vowed to push Labor to adopt a new 40% tax on the “super profits” of big corporations if the forthcoming federal election results in a hung parliament. The party’s so-called “tycoon tax” would target m...

Federal minister admits Australia’s reopening plan ‘could change’ as Covid continues to strain hospitals

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A Morrison government minister has left the door open to changing the national reopening plan amid growing concerns about the health system’s capacity to cope with increasing Covid-19 case numbers. “Goodness, anything...

Federal Covid taskforce’s vaccination surge in Indigenous communities, a ‘mad scramble’ ALP says

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The federal government’s Covid taskforce says it is planning a “surge” in vaccinations in dozens of Indigenous communities across Australia – a move the opposition says shows it has so far “completely stuffed up” the ...

Sports rorts: federal court limits access to grant documents related to Bridget McKenzie

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A legal challenge to the sports grants program has suffered a setback, after the federal court refused access to documents relating to former sports minister Bridget McKenzie’s input into $100m of grants. On Friday ju...

Federal workers must be vaccinated or regularly tested

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Buongiorno. Joe Biden announced yesterday that all civilian federal workers must show proof of vaccination against Covid-19 or face regular testing and physical distancing, masking and travel restrictions. In a new...

Federal workers must be vaccinated or submit to Covid testing and distancing

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Joe Biden was poised on Thursday to announce that all civilian federal workers must be vaccinated against the coronavirus or face regular testing and stringent physical distancing, masking and travel restrictions. Fac...

Biden to announce vaccine requirement for US federal workers – report

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Joe Biden says requiring all federal workers to get coronavirus vaccine is “under consideration” as the Delta variant surges. Nel frattempo, CNN has reported that the president will indeed announce a vaccine requirement f...

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