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Fears of new US Covid surge as Delta spreads and many remain unvaccinated

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Meer as nege uit 10 Americans who died from Covid-19 in the US in June were unvaccinated, according to Anthony Fauci – a statistic that health officials say is especially concerning given the prevalence of vaccin...

Fears of Covid ‘tsunami’ in Fiji after outbreak found to be Indian variant

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Fijian health officials are bracing for a “tsunami” of Covid-19 cases, after the Indian variant was detected in the Pacific nation this week, with lockdowns announced in an attempt to stem the outbreak. The Pacific co...

Expert spreek vrees uit oor die uitbreek van Covid by Bristol-skole

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Outbreaks of the Delta variant at several schools across Bristol could signal that coronavirus infection rates in the city are higher than reported, het 'n kenner gesê. Rondom 11 primary and secondary schools are unde...

Lewis Hamilton fears he has long Covid after Hungarian GP exhaustion

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Lewis Hamilton believes he may still have not fully recovered from contracting Covid-19 after he experienced fatigue and dizziness at the Hungarian Grand Prix. The British driver finished third in a monumental effort ...

Fears for Covid vaccine drive if second doses clash with boosters

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Health experts have warned the government that it needs to increase efforts to ensure more young adults are vaccinated against Covid-19 – as a matter of urgency. They fear the current low take-up of jabs among 18- aan ...