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Aggiornamento in tempo reale delle notizie sul Covid in Australia: states and territories tighten border restrictions over Omicron variant fears

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Concerns new Covid variant is already in NSW and NT; UK, Germany and Italy detect cases; Victoria records 1,061 Covid cases and four deaths; Rapporti NSW 185 cases and no deaths; three cases in Queensland and seven in ...

‘Christmas will not be cancelled’ despite tree shortage fears, Americans told

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Days after reports of shortages of Thanksgiving turkeys proved premature, the American Christmas Tree Association was moved to promise Americans that “Christmas will not be cancelled”, amid reports of looming problems...

US to restrict travel from southern Africa over Omicron Covid variant fears

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Joe Biden’s chief medical adviser, Anthony Fauci, said on Friday there was “no indication” the new “Omicron” coronavirus variant discovered in southern Africa had reached the US. Nonetheless, the the Biden administra...

Travel and aviation shares tumble over new Covid variant fears

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Shares in travel and aviation businesses, including the British Airways owner, IAG, easyJet and the aero engine maker Rolls-Royce, plummeted on Friday over fears that a new coronavirus variant described as potentially...

Hong Kong begins hunting wild boar amid public safety fears

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Hong Kong authorities have captured and euthanised seven wild boars as they began a campaign to reduce their numbers in urban areas around the financial centre after one bit a policeman last week. The boar round-up on...

Fears death toll will rise as Pacific north-west storm wreaks havoc

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Buongiorno. At least one person has been killed and several more are feared dead after a huge storm hit the Pacific north-west, destroying highways and leaving tens of thousands of people in Canada and the US withou...

Germany fears fourth Covid wave as vaccination rates remain low

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Concerns are mounting in Germany about a rapidly growing and hard to predict fourth wave of Covid-19 this autumn, as the government is in transition and flatlining vaccination rates lag behind those in the rest of wes...

"La perdita di memoria è estrema": Lo studente teme che sia stata drogata con un'iniezione la sera fuori – video

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Sarah fibbia, uno studente all'Università di Nottingham, crede che sia stata drogata con un'iniezione mentre era fuori in discoteca con gli amici durante la settimana delle matricole. Descrive di aver preso coscienza di ciò che la circondava in ospedale il prossimo...

Shoppers fill freezers with Christmas food over disruption fears

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It may not be a white Christmas but it is already on ice as more shoppers fill their freezers with party food, turkey and other festive specialities amid fears of another disrupted end to the year. Sales of frozen tur...

Coronavirus in diretta: UK expert fears lockdown Christmas; vaccines alone not enough to curb variants – WHO

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Government adviser says measures need to be in place now to get transmission rates down; WHO says whole world needs to be vaccinated

Industry supply chain fears deepen; UK borrowing undershoots forecasts – business live

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Copertura continua delle ultime notizie economiche e finanziarie

Barclays profits double as CEO brushes off inflation and supply chain fears

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Barclays almost doubled its third-quarter profit to £2bn as it benefited from strong mortgage lending in the UK and a boom in investment banking. The British bank’s profit before tax in the three months to September r...

Third of Pacific islands unable to attend Cop26, sparking fears summit will be less ambitious

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A third of Pacific small island states and territories do not plan to send any government figures to the Cop26 summit in Glasgow due to Covid-19 travel restrictions. The lack of high-level representation of Pacific na...

Fears global energy crisis could lead to famine in vulnerable countries

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The global energy crisis could escalate into a world food crisis leading to famine in vulnerable countries unless urgent action is taken, one of the world’s biggest producers of fertiliser has warned. Svein Tore Holse...

Doctors in south Wales ‘scared to come to work’ over safety fears

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Doctors at a Welsh health board described being “scared to come to work” due to serious concerns over patient safety, according to a report by the Royal College of Physicians (RCP). Il rapporto, seen by the Guardian, h...

Why are there fears China and Taiwan could go to war? - video

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A dramatic rise in the number of aerial sorties over the sea separating the Chinese mainland from Taiwan has served as a reminder that the strait has the potential to be one of the most dangerous places on Earth.A rep...

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