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Ridley Road-resensie – fascisme-riller resoneer in ons huidige donker era

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A sunlit bedroom in a country house in Kent, 1962. ’n Pragtige dweper help ’n jong blonde vrou om die bed op te maak. Hulle word by hulle aangesluit deur die dapper man van die huis. They gather in front of the window and smilingly give ...

If French people abstain, we hand over our vote to fascism. Macron is the lesser evil

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After sadness, disappointment and anger, it is fear and confusion that have now taken hold. We all know the results of the first round of the French presidential election – it’s a choice between Emmanuel Macron and Ma...

‘Fascism works like that’: homeless New Yorkers struggle amid police sweeps

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Sinthia Vee is not sure where her art supplies went. “That’s a big old question mark," sy het gese, sitting outside Tompkins Square Park in Manhattan’s East Village neighborhood, on a recent sunny afternoon. It will rain...