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Farmer moves border stone for tractor – and makes Belgium bigger

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The boundary between France and Belgium is believed to have been inadvertently redrawn by a farmer who found the 200-year-old border stone marking the divide in an inconvenient location for his tractor. The French far...

Greensill Capital’s collapse: how it all went wrong for the Australian farmer with four private planes

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The day former UK prime minister David Cameron popped in must have been an odd one in the little office inhabited by the 15 or so employees of The Bond & Credit Co, a small insurance business run out of the 14th ...

Natasha Darcy found guilty of murder after claiming her NSW sheep farmer partner killed himself

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A New South Wales woman who denied sedating and gassing her sheep farmer partner has been found guilty of murder. Natasha Beth Darcy pleaded not guilty to murdering Mathew Dunbar, who was found dead in his bed on his ...

A Malawian farmer visiting the US wants to know: ‘Why not do more on the climate crisis?'

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What do we owe each other in the face of an existential crisis like the climate emergency? That’s one big question at the heart of The Ants and the Grasshopper, a recently released documentary exploring how power and ...

Farmer Oosthuizen makes hay at Open while Shane Lowry fails to fire

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The first morning of the Open and all eyes were on Shane Lowry, the defending champion, and Jon Rahm, the pre-tournament favourite. Louis Oosthuizen almost sneaked on to the first tee in comparison. But as the players...

Farmer sorry for damaging Aboriginal site says he did not know it was heritage-listed

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A Victorian farmer has apologised for damaging a 1,500-year-old Aboriginal heritage site, saying he was not aware it was heritage-listed and did not know the rocks he moved were part of the significant site. The Kuyun...

How my farmer friend Wilf gave me a new perspective

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Much is said about walking the road less travelled. There’s joy in the unexpected and the unravelling of, bene, who knows what. Just over a year ago, I left my London life for rural Wales. I saw it as not a desirable ...

‘I hug them’: meet the farmer raising 2,000lb pumpkins

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It starts with a tiny seed. Leonardo Urena opened his palm to show a small plastic bag containing a single special specimen. Smooth and white, it wasn’t yet remarkable, but it will be, because it has the potential to ...