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Wild Mountain Thyme review – farcical farming romcom

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It would be unfair to spoil the twist at the end of this utterly bizarre romantic comedy by US writer-director John Patrick Shanley. Set in a greener-than-green Ireland, it follows Emily Blunt’s Rosemary as she strugg...

The Equalizer review – farcical fun with Queen Latifah’s avenging angel

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First The Equalizer was Edward Woodward. He equalised things on television from 1985 aan 1989 – a one-man A-Team without the van. Then The Equalizer moved to film in the 10s and became Denzel Washington, who broke with...

The fast and the farcical: the Rock v Vin Diesel, round two

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If you have ever sat through a Fast and Furious movie, you’ll know that the series revolves around two things: bald meatheads doing improbable things in fuel-inefficient cars, and family. Whenever there’s a break in t...