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Bye Bye Morons review – frantically misjudged French farce doesn’t travel well

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Bafflement has to be the chief response to this laboured, weirdly misjudged comedy from French actor and film-maker Albert Dupontel, supposedly inspired by the anarchic spirit of Terry Gilliam, who has been credited f...

Australian doctors condemn vaccine ‘farce’ after AstraZeneca reversal

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Doctors’ clinics are being inundated with calls from confused patients after Thursday’s vaccine announcement, and at least one has warned his clinic is considering withdrawing from the rollout due to delivery failures...

The War with Grandpa review – De Niro slums in delayed ex-Weinstein farce

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For a film as cursed as family comedy The War with Grandpa, shot back in 2017 then sidelined and sold as a result of Harvey Weinstein’s downfall, it’s a very minor victory to report that rather than being bad, it’s me...

Syria sets May date for presidential election opposition says is farce

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Syria will hold a presidential election on 26 May that is virtually certain to return Bashar al-Assad for a third term, an event Washington and the opposition say is a farce designed to cement his autocratic rule. Ass...

Shooting Martha by David Thewlis review – clunky film-world farce

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“Making this movie is like trying to complete a crossword puzzle while plunging down an elevator shaft.” So runs the epigraph to the second novel from the actor David Thewlis, who explains that these words were “spoke...

‘Just relegate them’: Fans discuss England’s ‘big six’ after the ESL farce

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I always feared there’d come a time when we’d really regret flogging off this country’s footballing crown jewels, and Spurs, to owners with no grasp of our risk-and-reward pyramid format. And here we are. The ESL clos...

Daniel Levy the common denominator in Tottenham’s endless managerial farce

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Like the proverbial tree falling in the forest, or the sound of no hands clapping, the prospect of Antonio Conte not joining Tottenham Hotspur has a certain paradoxical quality to it. Conte joining Tottenham: on some ...

Spencer review – Princess Diana’s disastrous marriage makes a magnificent farce

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Sandringham, Kersfees 1991. Bare trees, frosted fields, dead pheasants on the drive. Inside the grand house the dining table has been laid in readiness, but one of the principal guests – arguably the main course – is...

Republicans’ 2020 recount farce steams ahead despite lack of evidence

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Republicans in several states are advancing partisan reviews of the 2020 election results, underscoring how deeply the GOP has embraced the myth of a stolen election since 2020. The investigations in Wisconsin, Pennsy...