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Revisión de copiloto - 9/11 La historia de fondo de fantasía terrorista es defectuosa e ingenua.

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La película de Anne Zohra Berrached es ambiciosa y tiene una intención interesante, pero ingenuo y defectuoso, con un problema fundamental, que está ahí arriba en el título. Nos presenta una pareja ficticia imaginada románticamente..

Bedknobs and Broomsticks review – Disney fantasy is a bumpy flight

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Bien, hocus pocus and substitutiary locomotion! Half a century after the Disney caper cast its spell on screen, Bedknobs and Broomsticks has been transformed into a stage musical. There are extra songs, deft illusions...

The west’s nation-building fantasy is to blame for the mess in Afghanistan

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Britain’s MPs this week uttered one long howl of anguish over Afghanistan. Their immediate targets were Joe Biden and Boris Johnson, politicians who just happened to be on the watch when Kabul’s pack of cards collapse...

Night of the Kings review – a heady Ivorian brew of fact and fantasy

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Of the three Ivory Coast submissions for the foreign language film Oscar over the years, two have been by the writer-director Philippe Lacôte: 2014’s Run, which was widely regarded as heralding an Ivorian film-making ...

Mega Bog: Life, and Another review – a beautiful, bewildering fantasy

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From the grammatical quirks of the title onwards, every facet of Life, and Another seems designed to bewilder. The sixth album from Nevada’s Erin Birgy – whose prehistoric-sounding moniker isn’t exactly an exercise in...

George RR Martin, console-less games and a Final Fantasy fail: the biggest news from E3 2021

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We all wanted to see Metroid Prime 4, the long-anticipated first-person science-fiction shooter-adventure that has been in development at Nintendo for an absolute age. But instead we got a whole new Metroid – a 2D one...

Gatsby, Ripley and the fake heiress: inside the tech fantasy Anna X

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One night, while out with friends in London and looking for a place open late, Joseph Charlton decided to talk his way into Soho House. It wouldn’t be that difficult, he reasoned. He’d been working as a journalist and...

‘I’m bursting with fiction’: Alan Moore announces five-volume fantasy epic

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Two years after announcing that he had retired from comics, Alan Moore, the illustrious author of Watchmen and V for Vendetta, has signed a six-figure deal for a “groundbreaking” five-volume fantasy series as well as ...

Hail car-park king Gareth Wild and his Covid-beating fantasy

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‘This is quite you,” my girlfriend said, reading the story of Gareth Wild, who last week completed his mission to park in every parking space at his local Sainsbury’s supermarket in Bromley, sureste de Londres. Yo tomé ...

Fantasy island: a British designer’s home in Bali

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A15m concrete ramp leads up to the front door of Dan and Hilda Mitchell’s tropical, brutalist home in Bali. Lush vegetation softens the lines of the building’s facade. In the hallway, brightly coloured boards lean aga...

Civilisations by Laurent Binet review – thought-provoking fantasy histories

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French author Laurent Binet is preoccupied with real-life events, AKA history, and how we tell it. There was the fretful meticulousness of his debut HHhH, a “nonfiction novel” about the assassination of Nazi chief Rei...

Shadow and Bone review – fantasy epic not quite the next Game of Thrones

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The phenomenon that was Game of Thrones has only become stranger since it ended – after eight pile-driving, epically drawn, epically expensive, incest- and direwolves-filled seasons – two years ago. It was a cultural ...

The royals are just like much of our presstrapped in a fantasy version of Britain’s past

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Among the justifications habitually wheeled out by the monarchy’s defenders is the claim that a queen or a king – a head of state by birth rather than election – stands above politics and, from that lofty position, is...

‘I learned about storytelling from Final Fantasy’: novelist Raven Leilani on Luster and video games

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There is an extraordinary and telling moment in Raven Leilani’s acclaimed novel Luster, about a young black woman who has an affair with a middle-aged white man and ends up living with his family. The woman, Edie, es ...