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Las familias en duelo piden que se acelere la investigación de Covid en el Reino Unido después del informe de los parlamentarios

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Las familias en duelo han pedido que se acelere la investigación pública de Covid y que los ministros se disculpen después de un informe condenatorio de los parlamentarios sobre el manejo de la pandemia.. Dra. Cathy Gardner, cuyo padre murió de coron ...

Las familias negras pasaron sus hogares de una generación a la siguiente.. Ahora pueden estar perdidos

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Margaret Alston no recuerda la noche en que azotó el huracán Matthew, pero recuerda lo asustada que estaba por la inundación que siguió. El huracán más grande que azotó a Carolina del Sur desde 1999, la tormenta causó massi ...

Las familias de Inglaterra reciben esperanzas navideñas en Melbourne mientras continúan las conversaciones sobre Cenizas

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El gobierno australiano ha dicho que está siendo "flexible y práctico" para garantizar que los Ashes puedan seguir adelante mientras continúan las negociaciones sobre las condiciones de viaje y los arreglos familiares para los jugadores de críquet de Inglaterra.. El...

Families hope UK inquest will solve mystery of trawler deaths in 2004

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The families of a fishing boat crew who believe their deaths 17 years ago were caused by a military submarine becoming entangled in their nets off the Cornish coast have told an inquest they hope they will finally lea...

Taliban threatening Chevening scholars’ families, says MP

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Chevening scholars from Afghanistan are receiving threatening messages from the Taliban about what they intend to do to harm their relatives back in their place of birth, according to their local MP, Caroline Lucas. NORTE...

La opinión de The Guardian sobre las familias separadas por el Brexit: donde esta la compasión?

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En El juicio de Franz Kafka, un ciudadano inocente se despierta un día y se encuentra bajo sospecha sin una buena razón. Fue, presumiblemente, nunca la intención de los arquitectos del Brexit de infligir un tipo similar de psiquiatría..

Reunión informativa del lunes: childcare costs crippling families

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Buenos días a todos. I’m Martin Farrer and these are today’s top stories. Tens of thousands of working parents say the government is failing them with inadequate childcare policies that leave them financially crippled, ...

Vulnerable children at risk as England faces shortfall of 25,000 foster families

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England faces a 25,000 shortfall in foster families over the next five years, amid complaints of a lack of support for existing carers and a broken system that pits councils against private agencies for potential cand...

UK rescues Afghan families after their details were left behind in Kabul embassy

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Britain has rescued three Afghan families whose contact details had been listed in documents left behind at its embassy in Kabul and seized by the Taliban, the Foreign Office said. British Foreign Office staff had lef...

‘Time matters’: the NZ families desperate to save loved ones trapped in Afghanistan

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As New Zealand begins to evacuate people from Afghanistan, those awaiting evacuation say they are struggling to reach the planes that would carry them to safety, and growing “more desperate with each passing day.” “Ac...

Goodbye wicked stepmother: ‘bonus’ families adopting more positive terms

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The wicked stepmother of fairytales and bad films is no more: welcome, en lugar de, to the “bonus” mum, dad and children of the blended families of the 21st century. Princess Beatrice, the Queen’s granddaughter, spoke thi...

FBI offer to release some Saudi files not enough, 9/11 families say

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Families of 9/11 victims say an FBI offer to release some documents from its investigation into the attack has not gone far enough, and are demanding a comprehensive declassification review of all relevant material, p...

The knock that tears families apart: ‘They were at the door, telling me he had accessed indecent images of children’

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It was an ordinary summer evening in 2016 for Emma when her ex-husband, Ben, dropped their young children back after a weekend visit at his place. The couple had been divorced for less than a year. Their split had bro...

Covid’s coming home to vulnerable families

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My beloved daughter-in-law’s vital heart operation was cancelled as she was preparing to leave home for her surgery on Monday. The reason: staff shortages. For me this confirmed the present reality of the fears expres...

Northern Ireland victims’ families condemn plan to end Troubles prosecutions

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Relatives of people killed during the Northern Ireland Troubles have condemned the government’s plan to end all criminal prosecutions as a death-knell to their hopes for justice and accountability. Families from all s...

More than 1m children from key worker families living in poverty, says TUC

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More than a million children from households in the frontline of the fight against the coronavirus pandemic are living in poverty, according to new research published by the TUC. The study found that one in five child...

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