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Group that spread false Covid claims doubled Facebook interactions in six months

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An international pressure group that spread false and conspiratorial claims about Covid-19 more than doubled the average number of interactions it got on Facebook in the first six months of 2021 in spite of renewed ef...

Public urged to retake Covid tests after false negatives in Berkshire

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Members of the public have been urged to book for further testing after some PCR tests at a government-run site in Berkshire resulted in false negatives. West Berkshire council said in a statement some of the tests at...

Cummings tiene razón sobre el "falso pensamiento de grupo", dice el presidente de investigación de Covid

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Dominic Cummings tuvo razón, al menos en parte, al castigar al gobierno por ser demasiado lento para responder a la amenaza inicial del coronavirus., un copresidente de la investigación de los Comunes sobre la pandemia ha dicho. Más de siete h ...

‘False choice’: is deep-sea mining required for an electric vehicle revolution?

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At the Goodwood festival of speed near Chichester, the crowds gathered at the hill-climb circuit to watch the world’s fastest cars roar past, as they do every year. But not far from the high-octane action, there was a...

Caballos que hablan: is this a turning point for the Tote, or another false dawn?

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“The problem we’ve found is not that people think the Tote is poor value,” Jamie Hart, UK Tote Group’s product director, dice. “They know the Tote is poor value. It isn’t, because we’ve changed it, but it’s not even l...

Tom Brady ribs Biden at White House over Trump’s false election claims

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Tom Brady, the seven-time Super Bowl champion and longtime friend of Donald Trump, gently ribbed the former president and his false claims of election fraud in a White House visit Tuesday. The 43-year-old quarterback ...

Hygiene theatre: how excessive cleaning gives us a false sense of security

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Claudia, a 26-year-old beauty worker, dreads it when her clients ask to go to the toilet. “It’s a whole other thing to clean," ella dice. “They could have touched anything in there. I have to wipe down the whole thing ...

Lloyds fined £90m for letters’ false pledge on competitive insurance

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Lloyds Bank’s insurance arm has been fined £90m for sending insurance renewal letters to customers suggesting they were getting a “competitive price” without backing up the claim. Between January 2009 and November 201...

‘Completely false’: Victoria says Coalition can’t blame state for commuter car park failure

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The Victorian government says it is “completely false” for the federal assistant treasurer, Michael Sukkar, to blame the state for the commonwealth failing to build one of its controversial commuter car parks. The pro...

False Positive review – wild pregnancy thriller crashes off the deep end

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There’s guts, both figuratively and literally, in the ambitious, uneasy new thriller False Positive, a minor A24 production premiering on Hulu in the US, that takes a familiar roadmap and litters it with left turns. C...

Correo matutino: Morrison rechaza los "falsos plazos" climáticos, corte masivo de internet, Macron abofeteó

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Buenos dias! ¿Tuviste problemas para acceder a sitios web anoche?? Tenemos toda la información sobre las causas de las interrupciones en todo el mundo y lo que significan para la seguridad de Internet., y mucho más, incluidos los dinosaurios, en ...

Australia coronavirus en vivo: two Melbourne cases declared false positives ahead of national cabinet

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Prime minister Scott Morrison to meet with premiers on Friday to discuss Covid response

Correo matutino: Melbourne Covid falsos positivos, Reasentamiento de refugiados en Nueva Zelanda, Barty herido

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Buenos días: dos casos "fugaces" de Covid han sido declarados falsos positivos en medio del bloqueo en curso de Victoria, Ash Barty se retiró lesionado del Abierto de Francia y un nuevo documental analiza el costo psíquico de ...

Sacklers deny responsibility for opioid crisis and claim lawyers ‘invented false narrative’

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A branch of the Sackler family has launched a website denying responsibility for the US opioid epidemic even after agreeing to pay billions of dollars to settle lawsuits over the crisis. The website, called Judge for ...

India mosque demolition: officials accused of filing false report on Muslim leaders

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A local government administration in Uttar Pradesh has been accused of filing a “false and unfounded” police report against eight Muslim leaders who had opposed the “illegal” demolition of their mosque, in a case file...

India mosque demolition: report filed on Muslim leaders false, court finds

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An Indian court has ruled that a local government administration in Uttar Pradesh filed a “false and unfounded” police report against eight Muslim leaders who had opposed the “illegal” demolition of their mosque. los ...

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