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Japan’s favourite snack falls victim to global inflation with first-ever price hike

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One of Japan’s best-loved snacks is to go up in price – by a whopping 20% – for the first time since its launch more than four decades ago, But Umaibo – literally “delicious stick” – will still be a steal for schoolch...

‘Delightfully horrific’: wētā motels proliferate as New Zealand falls in love with the giant insect

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In a tiny motel at the back of a Wellington garden, a group of lodgers with shiny cigar-shaped bodies and spiny legs are making themselves at home. A male is bunking in with his harem of females, their bodies huddled ...

UK government borrowing falls but debt interest payments hit December record – business live

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In love with the glove: the TikTok generation falls for a classic look

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The gen-Z demographic who use TikTok may be too young to remember a time before smartphones, but one of the most popular fashion trends on the app harks back to a bygone era. Opera gloves – as worn by screen stars suc...

Anthony Noack: The Preacher review – standup sermon falls flat

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Standup resembles biblical preaching, according to Australian writer Anthony Noack, a case he tries to make by performing the Book of Ecclesiastes in club-comedy style. I remain unpersuaded. The Preacher, performed to...

Covid booster jabs in England to be thrown away as demand falls

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Booster jabs distributed in England for the pre-Christmas vaccination push are to be thrown away because of a lack of demand, a leaked NHS memo reveals. It is not known exactly how many vaccines will be discarded but ...

‘High pay day’ falls a bit later this year – but FTSE bosses need not fear

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It’s the first week of January, so it must be time for “high pay day”, the High Pay Centre’s illuminating calculation of the moment at which the average chief executive of a FTSE 100 company will have been paid as muc...

Thomas Tuchel falls short in stance on Chelsea and Covid vaccines

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The latest update about the number of Premier League players who are vaccinated against Covid-19 shows that English football is crying out for strong leadership when it comes to getting jabs in arms. The figures are i...

Helicopter lowers rescuer to car at top of Niagara Falls – video

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A woman's body has been retrieved from a car that was washed close to the brink of Niagara Falls on the US-Canada border. A coast guard rescuer was lowered from a helicopter to the car and found the body. An investiga...

Woman’s body pulled from submerged car in dramatic recovery at Niagara Falls’ edge

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In a dramatic rescue attempt on Wednesday, a US Coast Guard diver braved the frigid rapids where a car had become submerged in water near the brink of Niagara Falls, only to find it was too late to rescue the person t...

Chhorii review – psychological horror remake falls prey to its own failings

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Vishal Furia’s long-awaited Hindi remake of his Marathi-language horror Lapachhapi from 2017 stays true to the original’s spirit, marrying the psychological uncertainties of pregnancy with the eerie atmosphere of rura...

Support for populist sentiment falls across Europe, survey finds

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Support for populist sentiment in Europe has fallen sharply over the past three years, according to a major YouGov survey, with markedly fewer people agreeing with key statements designed to measure it. The YouGov-Cam...

Oil price falls as US pushes for coordinated crude release; National Grid profits jump – business live

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Alex Dowsett falls short in attempt to regain world hour record in Mexico

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Alex Dowsett’s attempt to regain the UCI hour record ended in failure on Wednesday in Mexico. The British rider, who held the record for 35 days in 2015, rode 54.555km over the hour at the velodrome in Aguascalientes ...

Welcome to Glasgow, where the rain falls and the diplomats sofa-surf

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Come 25,000 Cop26 delegates flood Glasgow, like the rain we ordered to welcome them to the largest political gathering ever held in the UK, the global spotlight falls on us – the hosts. Se qualcosa, the “dreich” weather...

UK public borrowing falls despite fuel crisis and supply chain issues

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Government borrowing fell at a faster than expected rate in September as the furlough scheme came to an end and tax receipts recovered strongly. Figures published by the Office for National Statistics show borrowing f...

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