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‘Theocratic’ abortion bans will violate religious liberty, faith leaders say

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Misha Sanders was starting over. She had just left an abusive relationship, and she was in her first semester of seminary, all while caring for her child, a teenager with a pressing health problem. That’s when she fou...

The Christian leader trying to break America’s link between faith and guns

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In the aftermath of the racist shooting that killed 10 on Saturday in Buffalo, the director of the New York State Council of Churches, the Rev Peter Cook, has been a constant presence at prayer gatherings and public m...

‘I look at my government differently’: losses in Ukraine test Russians’ faith

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The satellite and drone imagery from above Bilohorivka tells a tale of folly and destruction. Dozens of Russian tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and trucks lay destroyed, some sinking into the waters of the Donets Ri...

Sunday with Paloma Faith: ‘I love a hot bath’

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How does your Sunday start? My children wake me up about 7am, even though every bone in my body is saying, ‘It’s Sunday. You’re meant to sleep in until at least nine.’ Is snoozing an option? On Sundays we have a rule ...

Young adults show dramatic loss of faith in UK democracy, survey reveals

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A dramatic loss of faith in the ability of British democracy to serve the interests of UK voters is revealed in a new report that finds that donors to political parties and big businesses are now commonly viewed by th...

Patriarch Kirill has betrayed the Christian faith

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As a lifelong friend of the Russian Orthodox Church, well aware of its profound spiritual gifts to world Christendom, let me thank you for your forthright editorial (3 April) chastising the Moscow patriarch for embrac...

UK faith leaders call on Boris Johnson to not ‘close door’ on refugees

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Representatives from the six major religions are among more than 1,000 faith leaders to have signed a letter to the prime minister urging him to reconsider the controversial nationality and borders bill, which goes th...

Outside, the Sky Is Blue by Christina Patterson review – faith, hope and trauma

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You’re not meant to envy your parents, but Christina Patterson couldn’t help envying hers. A Swedish mum with a Mona Lisa smile and love of cakes, coffee and conversation; an English dad with matinee idol good looks a...

‘It’s time to take action’: faith leaders urge Biden to pass voting rights legislation

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More than 800 faith leaders have called on the Biden administration and Senate Democrats to pass voting rights legislation next year. “We cannot be clearer, you must act now to protect every American’s freedom to vote...

Johnson faces trust crisis as sleaze shatters faith in MPs

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Trust in politicians to act in the national interest rather than for themselves has fallen dramatically since Boris Johnson became prime minister, according to figures contained in a disturbing new study into the stat...

You Will Die at Twenty review – a parable about the dangers of blind faith

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‘You will die at 20.” That’s the death sentence handed down to a newborn baby at the start of this gentle, affecting Sudanese drama, the feature debut of director Amjad Abu Alala (and was Sudan’s first ever Oscar entr...

Faith in -196C: pioneers of resurrection – a photo essay

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In Moscow at the end of the 19th century a librarian of poor origins started reflecting on how future human beings, raising themselves from a condition of conflict and divisiveness, would eventually be able to defeat ...

Brexit live: Irish deputy PM suggests UK negotiated ‘in bad faith’ after Cummings’ NI protocol claims

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Leo Varadkar hits back at Boris Johnson’s former adviser after he says UK government always planned to ditch parts of the agreement

Slamming the cell door on Wayne Couzens won’t fix women’s fragile faith in the police

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The haunting thing is that it happened in such plain sight. A couple driving home through London late at night saw a man putting police handcuffs on a young woman on the street. Something unspeakable was unfolding rig...

‘It’s part of my faith’: Death row inmate calls for pastor to lay hands on him during execution

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John Henry Ramirez does not want to die alone. The Texas prisoner knows that at his execution, scheduled for Wednesday evening, he will be able to see witnesses through a pane of glass. A stoic prison official will pr...

Police officer charged with murder of Kumanjayi Walker allowed to argue he was acting in ‘good faith’

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A jury could potentially find that a Northern Territory police officer accused of murdering a young Indigenous man during an outback arrest is immune from criminal liability, judges have ruled. Constable Zachary Rolfe...

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