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Die jongste mislukking van Manchester United lyk minder as 'n deel van 'n patroon

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Met ongeveer 10 minute na die Wankdorf Stadion, daar was skielike herrie op die bank van Manchester United. Die skeidsregter, Francois Letexier, kon nie 'n fout op Paul Pogba en Ole Gunnar Sols raaksien nie..

Was Afghanistan die grootste mislukking sedert Brittanje sedert Suez? Dit is 'n vertroostende fiksie

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Volgens Tom Tugendhat is die onttrekking uit Afghanistan en die daaropvolgende ineenstorting van die land na die Taliban die grootste mislukking van die buitelandse beleid sedert Suez, volgens Tom Tugendhat., voorsitter van die Commons -komitee vir buitelandse sake ...

Greece’s deadly wildfires were sparked by 30 years of political failure

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After the second world war, Greece’s countryside experienced two debilitating human surges – an exodus of villagers, then a most peculiar human invasion of its fringes. These two surges, aided by a weak state and abet...

Brexit is a failure: maar, to remainers’ frustration, it’s not a spectacular one

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Britain was not expelled from the European Union, although some of the dismay at the consequences of Brexit would make more sense in that scenario. Customs checks at the border are likened to a blockade. Rules that ap...

Elizabeth Day: ‘A lot of people were yearning to talk about failure’

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Author and broadcaster Elizabeth Day, 42, was raised in Belfast and later became an award-winning journalist, including a nine-year stint at the Observer. In 2018 she launched the podcast How to Fail, which has topped...

Tories rebuke Boris Johnson over ‘catastrophic’ Afghanistan failure

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Boris Johnson has faced anger from MPs about the UK’s failure to prepare for the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, as he made the case that Britain could not have stayed in the country “without American might”. The pri...

Arteta’s Arsenal already on back foot after bruising first night failure

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Mikel Arteta smouldered and in front of him, Arsenal wilted. A comprehensive defeat to exuberant newcomers, a clutch of experienced players absent and others simply missing in action: this was the stuff nightmare star...

Disruption as Tower Bridge stuck open after ‘technical failure’

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A technical fault has left Tower Bridge stuck open, causing major rush-hour traffic problems in the capital with pedestrians and vehicles unable to cross. The London landmark, one of several bridges over the River Tha...

Births, marriages and deaths left unregistered after systems failure

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The Home Office was accused last night of causing “turmoil for families” after a failure in its online system for registering births, deaths and marriages created frustration and anger across England and Wales. As peo...

A failure at the top of police, and at the top of governments both Tory and Labour

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Race issues for the police – after the Macpherson report in 1999 – were seen as a problem mainly affecting the rank and file, which was dominated by the white working class. It was clear that policing would radically ...

Arrested Biafra separatist’s family accuse Raab of ‘unlawful failure’

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The family of a British national said to have been arrested in Kenya and taken to Nigeria in an act of extraordinary rendition has accused the UK government of abandoning him to illegal detention and risk of torture. ...

‘A systemic failure’: vaccine misinformation remains rampant on Facebook, sê kenners

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Facebook is under fire once again over the proliferation of vaccine misinformation on its platform, after Joe Biden said tech giants such as Facebook are “killing people” for failing to tackle the problem. The White H...

New Zealand lawyers sue climate change body over alleged failure to meet targets

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Hundreds of top New Zealand lawyers are suing the Climate Change Commission for what they say are substantial errors in its advice to the government over reducing carbon emissions. Lawyers for Climate Action is a grou...

‘Completely false’: Victoria says Coalition can’t blame state for commuter car park failure

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The Victorian government says it is “completely false” for the federal assistant treasurer, Michael Sukkar, to blame the state for the commonwealth failing to build one of its controversial commuter car parks. The pro...

MPs criticise ministers’ failure to plan industrial policy

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The government’s failure to set out an industrial policy agenda has left UK businesses unclear about the future at a time when a green economic recovery is urgent, according to MPs on the business, energy and industri...

Boris Johnson accused of ‘dismal failure’ to free Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe

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Boris Johnson has been accused of a “dismal failure” in his diplomatic efforts after Iran sentenced Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe to a further year in jail on top of the five-year sentence she has already served. Labour’s...