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Births, marriages and deaths left unregistered after systems failure

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The Home Office was accused last night of causing “turmoil for families” after a failure in its online system for registering births, deaths and marriages created frustration and anger across England and Wales. As peo...

Charities say Covid booster rollout for immunosuppressed is ‘chaotic failure’

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The programme of giving third Covid vaccinations to people with compromised immune systems has been a “chaotic failure”, charities have said, with fewer than half of those eligible contacted about a third jab before a...

Alex Morgan rips ‘systemic failure’ that led to NWSL sexual misconduct scandal

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Orlando Pride and United States forward Alex Morgan has called for the National Women’s Soccer League to end the “systemic failure” that enabled a decade of alleged sexual misconduct harassment of players by a number ...

Wêreldwye Covid-inentingsmislukking sal Brittanje benadeel, Gordon Brown waarsku

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Die versuim om die wêreld teen koronavirus in te ent, sal selfs ten volle ingeënte Britte spook 2022, Gordon Brown het gewaarsku. Die voormalige premier het gesê die ontstaan ​​van Omicron was “nie Afrika s’n nie ...

Disruption as Tower Bridge stuck open after ‘technical failure’

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A technical fault has left Tower Bridge stuck open, causing major rush-hour traffic problems in the capital with pedestrians and vehicles unable to cross. The London landmark, one of several bridges over the River Tha...

The Guardian view on a Tory resignation: a minister goes over government failure

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The hallmarks of this government have been its cavalier disregard for integrity, accountability and honesty. But there are exceptions; Lord Agnew’s resignation shows ministers can do the right thing. The counter-fraud...

Arrested Biafra separatist’s family accuse Raab of ‘unlawful failure’

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The family of a British national said to have been arrested in Kenya and taken to Nigeria in an act of extraordinary rendition has accused the UK government of abandoning him to illegal detention and risk of torture. ...

As UK considers offshore asylum plan, why Australia’s system was a dangerous failure

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Australia’s asylum processing centres on the islands of Manus and Nauru have been widely condemned for systemic abuses, and human rights violationsEight years and the equivalent of £5bn. Twelve deaths and thousands of...

Elizabeth Day: ‘A lot of people were yearning to talk about failure’

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Author and broadcaster Elizabeth Day, 42, was raised in Belfast and later became an award-winning journalist, including a nine-year stint at the Observer. In 2018 she launched the podcast How to Fail, which has topped...

‘Completely false’: Victoria says Coalition can’t blame state for commuter car park failure

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The Victorian government says it is “completely false” for the federal assistant treasurer, Michael Sukkar, to blame the state for the commonwealth failing to build one of its controversial commuter car parks. The pro...

‘Historic failure’: pandemic tragedies in the meatpacking industry were decades in the making

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Early in the pandemic, Covid outbreaks were rampant in America’s meatpacking plants – the factories that kill, cut and package animals. But the chairman of one of America’s biggest meat companies, Tyson, argued that t...

Coronavirus regstreeks: Britse reaksie op Covid is 'n 'openbare gesondheidsversaking', ondersoek vind, Thailand verwelkom toeriste terug

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Brittanje se aanvanklike reaksie op die koronaviruspandemie het tot meer sterftes gelei, Commons -navraag vind; Thailand sal verpligte kwarantyn laat vaar vir besoekers in die Verenigde Koninkryk en Amerika

Greece’s deadly wildfires were sparked by 30 years of political failure

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After the second world war, Greece’s countryside experienced two debilitating human surges – an exodus of villagers, then a most peculiar human invasion of its fringes. These two surges, aided by a weak state and abet...

Klimaatkrisis: geskiedenis sal die versuim om op te tree beoordeel, Johnson sê by die VN

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Boris Johnson het die ryk lande in die wêreld gewaarsku dat 'die geskiedenis sal oordeel', as hulle nie nou optree om die klimaatkrisis die hoof te bied nie, soos die Amerikaanse klimaatgesant John Kerry voorgestel het dat president Biden gereed is om meer te pleeg..

Joe Root backed to remain as England Test captain despite Ashes failure

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Joe Root has been backed to remain as England’s Test captain by his employers as the inquest into their Ashes humiliation gets under way. The Guardian understands Tom Harrison, the chief executive of the England and W...

Arizona Democrats censure Kyrsten Sinema for voting rights failure

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The Arizona Democratic party has formally censured Kyrsten Sinema, the US senator whose opposition to filibuster reform helped sink attempts to protect voting rights. In a statement on Saturday the Arizona party chai...

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