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Are we grownups yet? 11 surprising facts about the changing nature of adulthood

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What does adulthood even look like in 2021? Once upon a time, there were four milestones: career, home, marriage and babies. Adesso, the definition of success is shapeshifting. The TL/DR version can be distilled to “you ...

Nobel peace prize winner Maria Ressa: ‘A world without facts means a world without truth’ - video

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Maria Ressa, the journalist and founder of the Philippine news organisation Rappler, said 'we are fighting for facts' after she was announced the joint-winner of the 2021 Nobel peace prize with the Russian journalist ...

Children already have the facts. Now they need the tools to fix the climate crisis

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There was a rare nugget of hope in the assorted news and polling on the climate crisis last week: 18- to 24-year-olds in Britain are the most optimistic that the planet is still salvageable, con 73% agreeing with the...

‘These are the facts’: Black educators silenced from teaching America’s racist past

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History teacher Valanna White filed into the auditorium the first week of August for the customary back-to-school all-staff meeting at Walker Valley high school in Cleveland, Tennessee. What she heard shifted her outl...

IQs are on the rise, but we don’t need hard facts any more

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Let’s start with the good news: we’re getting brighter. Sadly, not individually as we age, but IQs have risen over time, with new generations having higher reasoning skill scores than their predecessors. This progress...

Sex-mad and spectacular: 17 incredible facts about cicadas

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Brood X is upon us. Across the US billions, if not trillions of cicadas have emerged from below the ground, a biblical plague that occurs every 17 anni. Gene Kritsky wouldn’t miss it. “This is special," lui dice. An e...

Face, the facts: 10 ways to combat oily skin

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From embracing toner to staying hydrated, here’s how to look after an oil-prone complexionAnalyse your skin Start by doing a quick home test: wash your face, and if your skin produces oil 20 minutes afterwards, it’s l...

Opponents of LTNs claim they delay emergency services – but look at the facts

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If you were to read certain newspapers for long enough, the message would seem clear: the main cause of traffic congestion is measures to boost walking and cycling – that is, separated cycle lanes, and so-called low-t...

Face facts: exhibition looks back at a year of mask-wearing in UK

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Opening exactly a year after the UK government advised people to start wearing face coverings in public, a new exhibition plots the risky journey of the face mask from health necessity to fashion statement. Undercover...