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Bentley to build its first fully electric car at Crewe factory

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The luxury carmaker Bentley has announced that its first fully electric car will be developed and built at its Crewe factory. The British brand’s first battery electric vehicle is scheduled to roll off the production ...

Asia’s factory workers at the sharp end of the west’s supply chain crisis

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Per settimane, Hoang Thi Quynh* worked and slept inside a garment factory in Tien Giang province, in southern Vietnam. She would start her shift at 7.15am and then, after a day spent sewing sportswear garments, enter an e...

Kentucky candle factory bosses threatened to fire those who fled tornado, say workers

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Workers at a Kentucky candle factory have said they pleaded with managers to be allowed to leave as a deadly tornado barreled towards them last weekend – but say they were told they would be fired if they left their p...

‘Not knowing is worse’: tornado survivor at candle factory awaits news of missing boyfriend

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Workers on the night shift at the candle factory in Mayfield, Kentucky, were part of the holiday rush that was keeping the place going around the clock when a tornado whirled towards the small city and the word went o...

One toy’s journey through the supply chain crisis: from Chinese factory to UK child’s stocking

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Quest'anno, as children around the world write their Christmas lists, Santa has more to consider than whether they have been naughty or nice. Some of the season’s most popular items, from bikes to the Nintendo Switch, ...

UK construction sector gathers speed as shortages ease; German factory orders tumble – business live

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Copertura continua delle ultime notizie economiche e finanziarie, as the UK’s growth outlook is marred by Omicron

Teesside factory making Covid vaccine gets £400m injection

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A Teesside factory that makes Covid-19 vaccines has received a £400m injection from its Japanese owners, the largest single investment in UK pharmaceutical manufacturing in decades. The biotechnology arm of the Japane...

How a Paris designer built a family home in an old mirror factory

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The interior designer Dorothée Delaye spent two years searching for what she calls “a village life in Paris”. She and her family – husband François and children Faustine, 11, and Jules, nine – had outgrown their apart...

To fight the climate crisis, banks must stop financing factory farming

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As the climate crisis boils over, new research shows that reducing methane emissions is our best hope to rapidly stem the crisis. It’s time to turn up the heat on the industrial meat industry and dramatically curtail ...

Allevamenti intensivi di malattie: come la produzione industriale di polli sta allevando la prossima pandemia

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Un giorno lo scorso dicembre, 101,000 i polli di una gigantesca fattoria vicino alla città di Astrakhan, nel sud della Russia, iniziarono a crollare e morire. I test del centro di ricerca statale hanno mostrato che un ceppo relativamente nuovo di av...

‘It’s a sweat factory’: Instacart workers ready to strike for pay and conditions

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For Instacart workers across the country, the popular grocery delivery app promised flexibility and a solid wage, perks that enticed thousands to join the app during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. But amid worse...

Oil and gas surge fuels inflation fears, as German factory orders tumble – business live

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Copertura continua delle ultime notizie economiche e finanziarie

Gene editing will just perpetuate disastrous factory farming

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A quotation leapt to mind when reading “Gene editing ‘would allow us to create hardier farm breeds’ (notizia): “For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong” (HL Mencken). Application of ...

China’s factory activity in shock slowdown as energy crisis hits home

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China’s factory activity has shrunk unexpectedly amid curbs on electricity use and rising prices for commodities and parts, raising more concerns about the state of the world’s second biggest economy. A closely watche...

China hit by power cuts and factory closures as energy crisis bites

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China has told railway companies and local authorities to expedite vital coal supplies to utilities as the world’s second largest economy grapples with extensive power cuts that have crippled industrial output in key ...

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