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Neo-Nazi group National Action’s founder faces jail after guilty verdict

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The founder of a violent neo-Nazi group created to inspire a race war in the UK is facing jail after being found guilty of continuing to be a member of the organisation after it was banned. Alex Davies, 27, who was de...

Landlord faces £150,000 bill after tenants turn homes into drug farm

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When Shreena Shah went to check on one of her rental properties, she says she was greeted by an unlikely scene – a man dismantling equipment used to produce cannabis. It was not the first shock she had to endure. Shor...

‘Head of propaganda’ for UK neo-Nazi group faces jail after conviction

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A British fascist said to have inspired a generation of “bedroom terrorists” was convicted under UK terror laws on Tuesday, for acting as “head of propaganda” for a banned neo-Nazi terror group. Ben Raymond, a 32-year...

Family faces £250,000 bill after insurer rejects claim for wrecked home

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A family has been left facing a bill of more than £250,000 after floors collapsed during a loft extension and their builder’s insurer refused to pay out. James Hobby, a secondary school teacher, saw his adult son inju...