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Co-op faces criticism as it begins selling groceries via Amazon

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The Co-op has faced criticism as it begins selling groceries via Amazon and revs up 300 more delivery robots with the aim of almost tripling online sales to £200m. The convenience store mutual said shoppers would be a...

Taylor faces major WSL test with Manchester City’s season in jeopardy

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It is not unrealistic to say Manchester City’s devastating week could derail their season only two weeks into the campaign. Gareth Taylor’s team crashed out of Champions League qualifying to the debutants Real Madrid,...

Benítez faces return to austerity at Everton with losses constraining club

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Creativity on the cheap, a towering South American centre-forward and an experienced Premier League goalkeeper as back-up. David Moyes may recognise Everton’s recent transfer window because it was almost identical to ...

Patel faces widening revolt over policing bill’s restrictions on protest

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The home secretary, Priti Patel, is facing a growing revolt in parliament and the country over plans to restrict the fundamental right to protest, as controversial legislation that would increase police powers enters ...

Australia Covid live update: NSW hospitals brace for cases surge, Scott Morrison faces questions over Father’s Day travel exemption

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Gladys Berejiklian under pressure over modelling showing state’s health system to be ‘overwhelmed’ by Covid cases; rapid antigen tests approved for use at home. Follow the latest updates live

Boris Johnson faces growing red wall rebellion over social care tax rises

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Boris Johnson will tell mutinous MPs that the healthcare system is in crisis and they “cannot expect it to recover alone” as he faces a growing red wall rebellion over tax rises. One Conservative frontbencher told the...

‘Still here for the fight’: Cancer Alley faces climate battle amid pollution and Ida

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As Myrtle Felton’s roof took flight from her home, with Hurricane Ida pounding the walls, she thought about the steel plant next door. Here in St James parish, in the heart of Louisiana’s “Cancer Alley” – a heavily i...

Off the menu? UK alfresco dining faces autumn dilemma

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It is mid-morning in London’s Soho, and the outdoor tables at many cafes and restaurants are already buzzing with regulars. It is an alfresco scene that is set to change next month when Westminster council ends its sc...

‘Concerned’ intensive care doctors warn Australia faces surge demand in coming months

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Intensive care doctors have warned that Australia’s health system could face months of surge demand that will strain the workforce as a result of the Delta outbreak, as they stress the need for an increase in Covid va...

Drax faces prosecution over health risk of dust from biomass pellets

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The owner of the Drax power plant in North Yorkshire faces a criminal prosecution hearing after allegations that dust from wood pellets used to generate electricity could pose a risk to its employees’ health. The comp...

Questions Raab needs to address as he faces MPs over Afghanistan

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The British foreign secretary, Dominic Raab, will appear before the Commons foreign affairs select committee on Wednesday to answer questions about the UK’s withdrawal from Afghanistan. The committee’s chairman, the C...

Lady Scotland faces challenge for top Commonwealth role

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Lady Scotland, the secretary general of the Commonwealth, and a long-time target of the Conservative government, faces a challenge for her post from the Kenyan defence minister with the support of the Kenyan president...

Vulnerable children at risk as England faces shortfall of 25,000 foster families

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England faces a 25,000 shortfall in foster families over the next five years, amid complaints of a lack of support for existing carers and a broken system that pits councils against private agencies for potential cand...

Ex-producer on ABC’s Good Morning America faces sexual assault lawsuit

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An ABC News staffer filed a lawsuit on Wednesday against ABC and Michael Corn, a former top producer of Good Morning America, accusing him of sexual assault. Kirstyn Crawford, an anchor producer for George Stephanopou...

Manny Pacquiao faces career crossroads after points defeat to Yordenis Ugás

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Yordenis Ugás beat Manny Pacquiao by unanimous decision on Saturday night, putting on an impressive technical performance on 11 days’ notice and retaining his WBA welterweight title. Ugás (27-4) seized his opportunity...

Sydney faces curfew and longer lockdown as Australia’s Delta outbreak grows

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Sydney’s coronavirus lockdown is being extended for another month, with large swathes of the city facing curfew from Monday, as authorities battle a Delta outbreak that has seen record case numbers this week. New Sout...

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