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‘You’ve never faced these choices’: Jen Psaki tells reporter on anti-abortion question – video

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The White House press secretary, Jen Psaki, made an earnest retort to a journalist questioning Joe Biden's support for abortion. The US president condemned the supreme court decision not to consider a Texas law that i...

The Guardian view on the future of gambling: harms must be faced

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New Labour liberalised gambling in Britain with the 2005 Gambling Act, which introduced one of the most permissive regulatory frameworks in the world. The idea was that more betting would deliver economic benefits, un...

‘My savings were gone’: millions who lost work during Covid faced benefit system chaos

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Unemployed workers are pushing for reforms and changes to America’s unemployment insurance system after millions of workers experienced severe problems in receiving benefits throughout the pandemic. Workers across Ame...

How many times have England faced teams with English managers?

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“Watching Uruguay v Chile in the Copa América, I noticed that the manager of Chile, Martín Lasarte, was himself Uruguayan. How many times have England played teams managed by an Englishman?” wonders Thom Walsh. “I hav...

Los republicanos de Arizona se enfrentaron a la presión de Trump y sus aliados tras las elecciones, los registros muestran

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Los registros recientemente publicados muestran que los principales republicanos en el condado más grande de Arizona eludieron las llamadas de Donald Trump y sus aliados después del 2020 elección, ya que el entonces presidente trató de evitar la certificatio ...

Female candidate to lead Unite union faced ‘disgraceful abuse’

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The only woman running to be the next leader of the powerful Unite union has revealed that she received “disgraceful” online abuse for refusing to stand aside for two more prominent male rivals. Sharon Graham, who has...

Northern English cities faced ‘avalanche’ of debt during Covid – study

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Britain’s contrasting economic fortunes during Covid are highlighted by a study which shows the £150bn of savings accrued over the pandemic are overwhelmingly concentrated in the affluent south of England, while large...

Have you faced local sanitation issues in the US? We want to hear from you

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Many Americans do not have access to basic sanitation facilities and must grapple with problems such as sewage flowing into their yards or homes and waste in the streets of their communities. The Guardian is partnerin...