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‘A nation’s fabric unravelling’: stars on Sly Stone’s There’s a Riot Goin’ On at 50

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Sly and the Family Stone emerged in mid-60s San Francisco with a lineup that was trailblazing in its diversity and euphoric in its fusion of rock, soul, gospel, funk, jazz and psychedelia. After acelebrated Woodstock ...

‘It’s unreal’: London clubbers see in ‘freedom day’ at Fabric reopening

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As Sunday night turned into Monday morning, the London nightclub Fabric threw open its doors for a night of clubbing unlike any seen at the venue since March 2020. Billed as “an immersive world of artistry, expressive...

Disney’s Cruella stitches punk’s overlooked women designers into the fabric

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There was a time the very thought of Cruella would have been met with outrage. I know this because I would have been outraged. Of all subcultures to be hijacked by Disney, 70s London wasteland punk is surely the most ...