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John and the Hole review – chillingly twisted coming-of-age fable

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What does it feel like to be an adult? That’s the question haunting a privileged, empathy-free adolescent in this chillingly satirical feature from the Spanish film-maker and visual artist Pascual Sisto. Adapted by sc...

La Fracture review – gilets jaunes fable breaks under weight of its metaphors

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The fracture of the title is, ostensibly, the nasty broken arm suffered by ditsy lead character Raf (Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi), a comic-book artist in Paris who slips and falls over having had a traumatic and possibly m...

The Halt review – Lav Diaz’s absurdist alt-reality fable takes shot at authoritarianism

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At four and three-quarter hours, the latest butt-numbing opus by Filipino auteur Lav Diaz is a veritable TikTok video by his standards. A needling and occasionally deranged assault on the Philippines’ most recent turn...

Friendship’s Death review – Tilda Swinton goes alien in a radical chic Beckettian fable

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Nel 1987, the late English critic, theorist and film-maker Peter Wollen directed his only solo feature film: an insouciantly baffling two-hander called Friendship’s Death, ora ripubblicato. It was a cinema of ideas, rare...

The Adventures of Wolfboy review – charm and vulnerability in magical realism fable

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Broken into arch chapter headings that are introduced with intricate, stylised illustrations like something out of a book of fairytales for Gen Z and millennial misfits, this fey, magical realism fable is an interesti...

Our Lady of the Nile by Scholastique Mukasonga review – ominous Rwandan fable

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Our Lady of the Nile is a girls’ boarding school high in the hills of Rwanda, very near the spring that is the source of the Nile; there is a plaque announcing its “discovery” (“Cock Mission, 1924"), and a statue of t...