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‘His bushy eyebrows remind me of Denis Healey’: Emma F Wright’s best phone picture

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Flapjack the miniature schnauzer was the first dog Emma F Wright began walking. But what began as a favour for a friend turned into something of a second job, and now the Nottingham-based photographer follows the same...

‘Cheese is like heroin’: New York mayor raises eyebrows with drug comparison

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The new mayor of New York City has caused a mix of amusement and serious consternation by comparing cheese to heroin. “Food is like a drug,” Eric Adams said. “And in fact, the studies show the same level of brain tha...

South Korea’s nose-only ‘kosk’ mask for Covid-safe eating raises eyebrows

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An anti-virus mask that only covers the nose and can continue to be worn while eating and drinking is on sale in South Korea. The “kosk”, a combination of ko, the Korean word for nose, and mask, has been released by a...

Can household soap give you glamorous, feathery eyebrows?

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The hackDo your eyebrows need a new year boost? Social media recommends an unusual technique – brushing them upwards with soap. The promiseApplying household soap to your brows using a spoolie brush (the sort you get ...

Merkel’s punk pick for leaving ceremony raises eyebrows

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Angela Merkel has left Germans wondering how well they really know the chancellor who has governed them for 16 jare, after picking a song by the punk rocker Nina Hagen as the soundtrack for her military leaving cerem...

Eyebrows raised at Priti Patel’s effort to show sympathy for Channel deaths

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It was only last Monday that Priti Patel was forced to answer an urgent question on people crossing the Channel in small boats. Her response was typically belligerent and unapologetic. Nothing to do with her, everythi ...

Jes Staley’s exit from Barclays amid Epstein scrutiny raises eyebrows

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Bank chief executives can survive an official censure, as Jes Staley proved in 2018 – when he kept his job despite being fined £642,000 for trying to unmask a whistleblower at Barclays. A second adverse finding tends ...

Lack of citizens at EU’s citizens’ debate raises eyebrows

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The socially distanced places are set, the guests will soon arrive. Everything is ready for the EU’s most ambitious attempt to debate with citizens. Everything, except most of the citizens who are meant to be involved...

New York: plans to erect giant Penn 15 skyscraper raise eyebrows

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Eyebrows have been raised over a proposal for a huge skyscraper in New York City, called Penn 15 and comparable in size to the Empire State Building. Andrew Cuomo, New York’s governor, hopes to erect Penn 15 as part ...