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UK house prices climb but outlook for market ‘extremely uncertain’

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Average UK house prices defied expectations and continued to climb last month despite the phasing out of the government’s stamp duty holiday at the end of September. The continued increases mean that the price of an a...

Verdwyning van Cleo Smith, vier, uit familie se tent in Wes-Australië 'uiters kommerwekkend'

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Die verdwyning van 'n vierjarige meisie van 'n Wes-Australiese kampterrein is "uiters kommerwekkend" en die polisie sê 'n soektog het nog geen antwoorde opgelewer nie.. Cleo Smith is Saterdag omstreeks 01:30 laas gesien by die B...

Afghanistan live news: UK’s ability to process evacuations ‘extremely reduced’ as US on alert for further attacks

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British Ministry of Defence warns UK’s ability to process any more evacuations now ‘extremely reduced’; White House says the next few days of evacuation operation likely to be the most dangerous

Opdatering van Victoria Covid: Jeroen Weimar ‘extremely frustrated’ as nine new cases reported in Melbourne

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The Victorian government is considering whether tougher Covid restrictions are needed with thousands of people in isolation awaiting test results from high traffic exposure sites including Highpoint shopping centre an...

Ministers’ rationale for privatising Channel 4 looks extremely flimsy

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What’s the subplot with the government’s latest flirtation with the idea of privatising Channel 4? There was a clue, possibly, in the view expressed this week by Tory MP Andrew Griffith, who has clout in these matters...

‘Direct discrimination’: extremely vulnerable fans barred from Carabao Cup final

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The decision to bar clinically extremely vulnerable supporters from the Carabao Cup final is “direct discrimination”, according to a group of disabled Tottenham fans. Manchester City and Tottenham have each been alloc...

The Wedding Coach review – extremely loud and incredibly gross

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I don’t think anyone’s sane any more. That is the reluctant, and more than slightly discomfiting, conclusion to which I was driven by The Wedding Coach. Possibly on a more optimistic day in a more optimistic time, I w...

‘Extremely dangerous’: how much of the heat can western Sydney bear?

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Anyone who’s lived in western Sydney in summer will tell you the days of searing heat and burning bitumen feel very different from the rest of the city. No matter what time of year, it’s generally hotter in the west....