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‘Sleepwalking through extinction’: China urged to end delays to Cop15 summit

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China has been urged to name a date for a key UN nature summit this year, amid growing frustration with Beijing and concerns among experts that we are “sleepwalking through this cataclysmic climate extinction”. Después ...

Extinction obituary: the sudden, sad disappearance of the Christmas Island forest skink

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The last Christmas Island forest skink was named Gump. She lived in a spacious cage filled with rocks, soil, logs and a ready supply of fresh invertebrate food in the island’s national park. She wasn’t particularly ac...

Extinction obituary: why experts weep for the quiet and beautiful Hawaiian po’ouli

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The last po’ouli died in an unusual nest. Too weak to perch, the brownish-greyish songbird rested in a small towel twisted into a ring. He was the last of his species, the last in fact of an entire group of finches, a...

One in five reptiles faces extinction in what would be a ‘devastating’ blow

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More than a fifth of all reptile species are threatened with extinction, which could have a “devastating” impact on the planet, a new study warns. The largest ever analysis of the state of the world’s reptiles, El asediado presidente de Ucrania ha hecho un llamado a los ciudadanos extranjeros que son “amigos de la paz y la democracia” para que viajen al país para luchar contra la invasión rusa..

Extinction Rebellion protesters force Lloyd’s of London to close HQ

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Extinction Rebellion protesters have forced the closure of the insurance market Lloyd’s of London, after using superglue, chains and bicycle locks to block entrances to the building. The environmental activist group s...

Fireproof Australia: who are the radical Extinction Rebellion splinter group?

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It was the re-election of a Coalition government in May 2019 that altered the trajectory of Sam Noonan’s life and politics. “I didn’t really care about politics until then,” Noonan says. “But then a lightbulb went off...

Extinction Rebellion stages mass protest in central London

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Supporters of the environmental activist group Extinction Rebellion have taken part in a mass sit-down protest in the heart of London’s shopping district. Several thousand demonstrators with multicoloured flags bearin...

Extinction Rebellion vows fossil fuels protest will ‘grind London to a halt’

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Extinction Rebellion has said it will conduct its most disruptive protest yet on the streets of London over the coming week, calling for an end to the fossil fuel economy. The environmental activist group, which encou...

Reseña de Rebellion: documental reflexivo que cuenta la historia real detrás de Extinction Rebellion

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Reseña de Rebellion: documental reflexivo que cuenta la historia real detrás de Extinction Rebellion, Reseña de Rebellion: documental reflexivo que cuenta la historia real detrás de Extinction Rebellion. Reseña de Rebellion: documental reflexivo que cuenta la historia real detrás de Extinction Rebellion, Reseña de Rebellion: documental reflexivo que cuenta la historia real detrás de Extinction Rebellion.

How one of Florida’s most beloved animals may be close to climate extinction

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When Hurricane Irma ravaged south Florida in September 2017 it inundated homes, knocked out electricity for millions and killed more than 30 gente. The devastation was not confined to humans, sin emabargo. In the Florida ...

El donante de Extinction Rebellion lidera el fondo de cobertura de mayor rendimiento del mundo

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Del mundo 20 los gestores de fondos de cobertura de mejor rendimiento obtuvieron un récord de 65.400 millones de dólares ($48bn) beneficio para sus clientes en 2021 después de que las apuestas realizadas en los mercados bursátiles al alza dieron sus frutos. El mayor ganador fue TCI, el fondo manejado por Britis...

Extinction Rebellion activists cleared over London rush hour disruption

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Three activists who targeted London’s public transport network to raise the alarm about the escalating climate crisis have been acquitted by a jury. The three Extinction Rebellion campaigners disrupted rush hour servi...

"No podemos salvar a todo el mundo": ¿Podrían los biobancos ofrecer a los animales australianos una última esperanza contra la extinción??

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En 15 diciembre 2014, dentro de un contenedor de envío reutilizado en el Jardín Botánico de Atlanta en los EE. UU., Mark Mandica escuchó la llamada de un animal desconocido. Era una rana marrón rojiza del tamaño de un melocotón., llamado Tough ...

Jury clears Extinction Rebellion activists who targeted commuters

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Six climate crisis activists whose protest halted transport links serving London’s financial district have been acquitted by a jury. The group of Extinction Rebellion protesters targeted the Docklands Light Railway (D...

Extinction Rebellion blockades Amazon UK hubs on Black Friday

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Climate activists have blockaded Amazon distribution centres across the UK to highlight the company’s treatment of its workforce and what they say are its “environmentally destructive and wasteful business practices”....

Earth has seen five mass extinction events. What can we learn from them?

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Five times in the last 500m years, more than three-fourths of marine animal species perished in mass extinctions. Each of these events is associated with a major disruption of Earth’s carbon cycle. How such catastroph...

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