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Italian Covid bereaved want inquiry extended beyond early outbreak

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Relatives of coronavirus victims in Italy are pushing for a full public inquiry into the government’s handling of the pandemic as documents from the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) show the f...

Opdatering van nuus oor lewendige nuus in Australië: NSW rekords 1,127 nuwe sake, Victoria 445 en Qld een; ACT lockdown verleng

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Victoria teken twee sterftes aan en 445 nuwe sake; een saak wat plaaslik in Queensland verkry is en een in kwarantyn; besprekings oor die kwarantynstelsel by die huis duur voort; NSW premier om leiers van gebiede onder streng toesluit te ontmoet..

UK furlough scheme enters its final month – should it be extended?

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There have been few unalloyed successes for the government during its battle with the biggest public health challenge of modern times. Vaccine procurement was one, the furlough introduced at the start of the crisis wa...

UK in Brexit climbdown as safety rule deadline extended

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The government has pushed back a deadline for the launch of post-Brexit product safety standards by allowing companies to follow EU rules until 2023, in the latest climbdown amid concerns over the economy. Businesses ...

Afghanistan live news: UK defence secretary says it is ‘unlikely’ evacuation of Kabul will be extended

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Extension to Kabul evacuation deadline ‘unlikely’ says UK defence secretary; Biden decision expected soon to give Pentagon time to prepare; Taliban warn of ‘consequences’ if deadline extended

French protests grow against extended health pass scheme

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Thousands of people have protested in Paris and other French cities over a mandatory coronavirus health pass for entry to many public venues, introduced by the government as it battles a fourth wave of infections. Pro...

NSW Covid -opdatering: 177 new cases as some construction restrictions lifted and Sydney lockdown extended by a month

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The New South Wales government has lifted restrictions on many construction sites outside of Covid hotspots to allow the industry to resume, as the state recorded its highest number of coronavirus cases in the latest ...

Oggendpos: Sydney lockdown extended, Simone Biles pulls out, salmon nearly roasted alive

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Goeie more. Sydney’s Delta variant outbreak means the city’s lockdown has been extended for another month, while criticism of Australia’s vaccine rollout continues. But there’s some hope that younger Australians wil...

Greater Sydney lockdown to be extended by four weeks as Covid cases continue to rise

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Greater Sydney will remain locked down for a further four weeks after the NSW cabinet agreed to the plan at a crisis meeting to discuss the rising number of Delta cases within the state. It is understood the premier, ...

‘Enjoy the little things’: Melburnians give their tips to surviving extended lockdown

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We may have escaped the ravages of Covid that have maimed nations elsewhere, but Australians have still endured its consequences through lengthy, disruptive lockdowns. Nowhere is this as intimately understood than in ...

Sydney Covid-19 lockdown extended for at least two weeks after 97 cases in NSW – video

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The New South Wales premier Gladys Berejiklian has announced that the greater Sydney Covid-19 lockdown will be extended. 'It always hurts to say this, but we need to extend the lockdown for at least another two weeks....

Live Covid -opdatering in Australië: Sydney lockdown to be extended, massive testing queues at Fairfield

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New rules for essential workers cause chaos; Gladys Berejiklians expected to detail plans to lengthen shutdown

BBC-kontrak om Wimbledon uit te saai verleng tot 2027

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The longest partnership in sports broadcasting history is to reach a century after the BBC announced it is to extend its contract to broadcast Wimbledon until 2027. Die ooreenkoms beteken die uitsaaimerk 100 ...

NSW Covid -opdatering: Sydney mask rules extended after spike in Bondi outbreak cases

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New Zealand has paused quarantine-free travel with New South Wales after the state recorded 10 new locally acquired cases. The spike in cases prompted the state to extend the indoor mask mandate across greater Sydney ...

‘Concern is there’: Sydney’s mask mandate ‘likely’ to be extended as NSW records two new Covid cases

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Gladys Berejiklian has said Sydney’s mask mandate will likely be extended beyond Wednesday, as New South Wales recorded two new local cases of Covid-19. The two new cases were recorded after 8pm on Sunday, meaning the...

Restaurants and pubs ‘face collapse’ during extended England lockdown

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Business groups have warned that pubs, bars, restaurants and nightclubs face significant hardship or collapse after the easing of Covid-19 restrictions in England was postponed for four weeks without new financial sup...

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