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Taiwan train crash: dozens feared dead after express service derails in tunnel

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Dozens of people are believed to be dead after a train derailment in eastern Taiwan on the first day of a holiday period, authorities say. Ten minste 36 people were killed when the 408 Taroko Express carrying about 350 ...

Pizza Express waiting staff outraged as share of tips is cut

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Pizza Express is facing a backlash from waiting staff after their slice of tips was cut in order to pay kitchen workers more. The Unite union said workers would lose an average of £2,000 a year after their share of ti...

Omni Energy het winsgewende kliënte verander sonder uitdruklike toestemming

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'N Sukkelende verskaffer van huishoudelike energie het duisende onwinsgewende kliënte na mededingende ondernemings oorgeskakel sonder hul uitdruklike toestemming, in 'n klaarblyklike poging om finansiële ineenstorting te voorkom. Omni Energy het aan die kliënte aan die earl geskryf..

National Express seël oorname van mededingende operateur Stagecoach

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National Express en mededinger Stagecoach het 'n ooreenkoms met alle aandele gesluit wat 'n vervoerbedryfsgroep van £1,9 miljard sal bewerkstellig. Die voorgestelde samesmelting sal na verwagting laat voltooi wees 2022, Stagecoach se Britse plaaslike bus bring ...

National Express reports £445m loss for 2020 na 80% drop in passengers

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National Express has slumped to a £445m loss for 2020 after coronavirus travel restrictions led to an 80% fall in passenger numbers last year. The coach and bus operator swung into the red after making a pre-tax profi...

Merkel and Biden express sympathy for German flood victims – video

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At a meeting with Joe Biden at the White House, Angela Merkel talked of the devastating flooding in Germany that has killed more than 80 mense, with scores still missing in one district alone. The German chancellor e...

Karol G: ‘Why should I limit how I express myself because I’m a woman?’

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I catch Colombian singer Karol G in a rare moment of calm, while she is in a car on her way to a hotel. She has just landed in New York to film a music video, but home is Miami, she clarifies, the engine humming in th...

Family of woman killed in cage fight express ‘mismatch’ concerns

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The family of a mixed martial arts enthusiast who died after a blow to the head in a cage fight have expressed concern that she was “mismatched” with an opponent bigger and more muscular than her. Saeideh Aletaha, a 2...

Experts express doubt that Anne Frank was betrayed by a Jewish notary

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Historians have voiced their scepticism about a book that has identified a Jewish notary as the prime suspect for the betrayal of Anne Frank and her family to the Nazis. The Betrayal of Anne Frank, by Rosemary Sulliva...

Liewe Nadhim Zahawi, kinders moet hartseer oor Covid uitspreek sowel as om 'in te haal'

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Ek het nou die dag 'n gesprek met 'n onderwyser gehad. Sy het my gevra wat sy en ander onderwysers kan doen om kinders te help met die trauma van die pandemie. Dit het my skerp opgetrek. Sy het verduidelik dat die kinders in haar kl..

Covid: US officials express disapproval over states lifting mask mandates

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Public health officials on Wednesday expressed disapproval of US states that are lifting mask mandates and reopening businesses and urged that safety measures are still essential even though Joe Biden announced his ad...

Airbus and Boeing express concerns over 5G interference in US

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The aerospace giants Airbus and Boeing on Tuesday warned that the US aviation industry had “concerns” about the potential interference of 5G networks with vital flight safety equipment. The intervention increases pres...

‘We are worried’: Indonesia and Malaysia express concern over Australia’s nuclear submarine plan

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Malaysia and Indonesia share strong reservations over Australia’s decision to acquire nuclear-powered submarines, even though nuclear weapons were not part of the plan, Malaysia’s foreign minister said. Referring to A...

‘It’s typical’: Transpennine ‘express’ passengers voice cynicism over Boris Johnson’s rail plans

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Few travellers would disagree that the Transpennine Express makes for a splendid journey across the rugged spine of northern England, snaking through beautiful green valleys and picturesque stone villages, from Manche...