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Irishman faces 20 years in jail after exposing himself on flight to New York

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An Irishman who refused to wear a Covid mask during a flight from Dublin to New York and exposed his rear end to a flight attendant faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted of assault, the US justice department sai...

Two journalists exposing Mexico’s corruption and drug violence murdered within one week

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Mexico’s embattled press corps has suffered a shattering start to the new year with the murders of two journalists who had dared chronicle their country’s slide into drug and corruption-fuelled violence. Margarito Mar...

When meditation turns toxic: the woman exposing spiritual sexism

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Tara Brach was four months pregnant when she miscarried at a women’s retreat in Española, Muchos de los invitados volaron aviones. Ella estaba 30, and had spent the last eight years as a devoted member of 3HO, a community promising spiritual awakenin...