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How the murder of Ahmaud Arbery further exposes America’s broken and racist legal system

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For many observers, the high-profile case of the three white men convicted of murdering Ahmaud Arbery, a 25-year-old Black man who was out jogging, revealed the racist ways the American legal system has been designed ...

El asunto Owen Paterson expone el desprecio de Boris Johnson por las normas

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Martin Kettle escribe: “Justo antes del inicio del debate de los Comunes sobre Paterson, Downing Street inventó una nueva doctrina: que un diputado que enfrenta cargos disciplinarios en el lugar de trabajo siempre debe tener derecho a una apelación " (Owen Paté..

El ala y el presupuesto de oración exponen a Brand Rishi y el mito de Merrie England

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No tanto un discurso de presupuesto, más un video de rehenes. Esta no fue la hora de gloria que Brand Rishi se había imaginado cuando comenzó a escribir su tercer presupuesto.. sí, había pasado por los movimientos de tener su te ....

Oxford college’s wealth boost exposes academia’s haves and have-nots

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In the early hours of last Friday Rory Maw, the bursar of Magdalen College, Oxford, pushed back from his computer screen and drank “an entire bottle of champagne to myself”. After months of late-night video conference...

Twitch hack: data breach exposes sensitive information

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The Amazon-owned gaming platform Twitch has suffered a data breach that experts have called a “highly targeted attack”. Twitch on Wednesday confirmed it suffered a breach, and said its teams were working to understand...

T-Mobile breach exposes personal information of 40 million US users

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A security breach against T-Mobile has exposed personal information, including social security numbers (SSN) and pins in some cases, de mas de 40 million users, the company said in a statement on Wednesday morning....

Finding fangs: new film exposes illicit trade killing off Bolivia’s iconic jaguar

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Elizabeth Unger was a 25-year-old biology graduate working as a PhD research assistant for big cat and climate projects in Latin America when she heard about the Bolivian authorities intercepting dozens of packages co...

FBI raid exposes Giuliani and signals widening criminal search, los expertos dicen

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The extraordinary FBI raid on Rudy Giuliani’s New York apartment and office has sparked debate about what criminal charges Giuliani may face, and signals a widening criminal investigation into his Ukraine drive to hel...

‘We don’t get help from anywhere’: Covid exposes inequality in crisis-hit New York neighborhood

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A year after New York City became the center of the global Covid-19 outbreak, the neighborhood considered at the time to be the “epicenter of the epicenter” of the pandemic remains in crisis – laying bare many of the ...

‘It’s an utter myth’: how Nomadland exposes the cult of the western

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It has been a wild ride for Nomadland, Chloé Zhao’s roving portrait of the US’s rootless modern migrants. Shot for $5m and largely featuring amateur actors, it is the little movie that could: this year’s rags-to-riche...

Joe Manchin’s stimulus stand exposes dangerous fissures in Democratic ranks

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Seeking to explain his part in dramatically prolonging marathon Senate proceedings before the passage of Joe Biden’s $1.9tn coronavirus relief bill, Joe Manchin may only have succeeded in exposing a dangerous fissure ...

The horrific abuse of sports stars exposes social media’s mob rule Simon Jenkins

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After covering last Saturday’s Wales-England rugby match, the BBC’s reporter Sonja McLaughlan found herself sitting in her car in tears. She had received a torrent of sexist obscenities and abuse on social media. “Tox...