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How to expose corruption, vice and incompetence – by those who have

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Investigative journalism is costly, time-consuming, risky and difficult, and sometimes results in legal threats, personal abuse to our journalists – or no publishable story at all. So why do we do it? Six of our inves...

Grealish and Lukaku deals expose inequalities of the Premier League

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It is safe to suggest without the slightest fear of contradiction that the first thing that went through Jack Grealish’s mind following his extravagant transfer this month was a dream of Len Shackleton. Hailed as an e...

Rafael Benítez is a gamble that could expose Everton’s wider fragility

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Few managers are as hard-working, obsessive in pursuit of victory and evidently in possession of such cojones of steel as Rafael Benítez. But he is a favoured son of Liverpool who once labelled Everton a small club. F ...

Germany gets tough on Covid test centres after media expose fraud

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Health ministers in Germany have pledged to clamp down on fraud in coronavirus test centres across the country, after evidence that some have been claiming for more tests than they have carried out. At an emergency me...

Election results expose the deep problems of Starmer’s Labour

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The election results so far show there are deep, structural issues for Labour. The party is losing heavily in what I’m going to describe as blue-collar areas. It’s not blue wall, because it extends further than Yorksh...

Real Madrid’s Toni Kroos in total control mode to expose Liverpool’s soft centre

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Met 35 minutes gone at the Estadio Alfredo di Stéfano, Toni Kroos was yet to misplace a pass, or indeed, break into a jog. He looked fresh. He looked unhurried. At times he seemed to be carrying his own respectful gr...