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Liverpool bomb was made using homemade explosive with ball bearings

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The suspected Liverpool bomber packed his homemade explosive device with ball bearings to cause maximum death or injury, police have revealed. Emad al-Swealmeen, 32, used many aliases to buy the parts for the bomb, fr...

Rivers of lava race down as La Palma volcano enters explosive phase – video

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Rivers of lava raced down a volcano and exploded high into the air on the Spanish island of La Palma, in the Canary Islands. The airport was closed as an eruption intensified and entered its most explosive phase so fa...

Eerste sleepwa land vir Netflix se plofbare Britney Spears -dokumentêr

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Die eerste volledige lokprent van Britney vs Spears, die Netflix -dokumentêr deur Erin Lee Carr wat die regstryd oor die geestesgesondheid van die popster sal ondersoek, outonomie en die omstrede konservatorium waaroor hy toesig hou..

Slipknot’s Joey Jordison corralled chaos with his explosive talent

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To better understand the magnitude of former Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison’s death at the age of 46 requires us to first recall the loss of another drummer. Praised universally for his technical wizardry and powerhou...

My obsession with Blue Therapy – the most explosive reality show of the year

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There are different levels of going viral. Some stories only go big on black Twitter. Something that feels like a phenomenon sometimes doesn’t move beyond the confines of blue-tick Twitter. But I know something has go...

He came. He spoke. But what will Cummings’s explosive claims mean?

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After more than two and a half hours of extraordinary testimony from Dominic Cummings to a Commons committee last Wednesday morning, Greg Clark, the former cabinet minister who had chaired the explosive morning sessio...

Explosive weapons used in cities kill civilians 91% of time, vind studie

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Civilians accounted for 91% of those killed or injured by explosive weapons in populated areas worldwide over the last 10 years – a total of 238,892 people – according to a study of thousands of incidents. The stark s...

Noviembre: explosive manifesto takes theatre to the streets

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Can theatre change the world? Not, you suspect, if it’s a ticketed performance watched from a red velvet seat with a glossy programme and an ice-cream. The guerrilla theatre-makers in the 2003 Spanish film Noviembre, ...

Viable explosive device found under vehicle of PSNI member in Derry

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A viable explosive device has been found under the vehicle of a member of the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) in County Derry. The woman targeted is a member of staff who also serves as a part-time police of...

‘An explosive energy’: Sam Mendes pays tribute to Helen McCrory

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Most actors are liked by those they work with. A few are loved. With Helen it was unquestionably the latter. People would light up at the mention of her name. I was one of those people. When I was directing Uncle Vany...

St Vincent hit by power cuts after another ‘explosive event’

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A second “explosive event” has been reported by authorities in Saint Vincent, leaving residents of the area around La Soufrière volcano facing power cuts and water outages. Locals described loud rumbling, lightning an...

Adelaide man arrested for allegedly possessing improvised explosive device in far-right raids

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South Australian police have arrested a man for possessing an improvised explosive device while a second has been charged with the possession of extremist material during a series of raids across Adelaide targeting me...

Duchess! Duchess! Duchess! review – Meghan inspires explosive drama

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It is tempting to assume that an American drama about black women caught in the cold, hard machinery of Britain’s monarchy is a direct response to Meghan’s revelations to Oprah Winfrey earlier this week. But theatre c...

Explosive Meghan interview reveals racism and royal neglect

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Meghan said palace had not supported her when she was left feeling suicidal, and had asked how dark her son’s skin would be. Plus, officer charged with killing George Floyd will be tried todayGood morning.The Duchess ...