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Pens down: England’s exams regulator exploring online A-levels and GCSEs

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Sitting exams using pen and paper could soon be a thing of the past, as England’s qualifications regulator, Ofqual, said it is exploring technology to transform the way GCSEs and A-levels are administered. The regulat...

You hate your job – what next? The two writers exploring toxic productivity

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Ever wonder why, with every new piece of so-called productivity enhancing technology we adopt, we just end up with more, not less work? Slack was supposed to get rid of email – only now we find time to email and reply...

Perforado: Sadie Frost aparece en un drama "sencillo" que explora el abuso doméstico

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Las experiencias de mujeres de violencia doméstica y sexual serán dramatizadas en un teatro del West End la próxima semana para "dar voz" a las sobrevivientes y resaltar la escala del abuso.. “Todos llevamos toda una vida de experiencias, no lo hace ....

Exploring Britishness – in pictures

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I’m a Gypsy by birth, but I’ve never been considered a Gypsy woman, because I’ve always been with foster parents and care homes, so they consider me to be a normal white woman. Cuando yo estaba 16, I decided to leave my co...

How to give your kids more freedom: seven days in the life of a nine-year-old exploring independence

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When Daddy told me I was going to be getting a cool new Neo smartwatch and showed me some pictures of what it would look like I was really, really excited. It looked like the sort of watch a spy or secret agent wears....

TV esta noche: exploring the epic wonders of Wales

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Part-documentary, part-promotional video for the Welsh tourist board, this visually spectacular, somewhat effusive new series posits Wales as God’s own country. Esencialmente, it’s an adoring deep-dive into the beautif...

TV esta noche: exploring the rich legacies of afrofuturism

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Writer Ekow Eshun, artist Hew Locke, curator Elvira Dyangani Ose and other black diaspora thinkers provide a communal narrative for this fascinating film, explaining the history of the cultural movement of afrofuturi...

Why I’m exploring Glasgow with a 1930s guidebook

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Glasgow is haunted by itself. Unlike Edinburgh, whose every steeple and gable makes the past feel part of the present, Glasgow is its own ghost. In this city, which looks much more new than the capital, history is gli...

‘It was just so fascinating’: behind a film exploring America’s small towns

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En el verano de 2013, James and Deborah Fallows polled readers of the Atlantic, the magazine where James had worked as a correspondent and editor for over 40 años, for recommendations: why should they visit their to...