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London medical school benefited from colonial exploitation, il rapporto trova

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The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) supported and directly benefited from the British empire’s exploitation and subjugation of colonised countries, according to a report on its history. The st...

Alexander Berry: holes in the story of a NSW pioneer conceal a dark past of Indigenous exploitation

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This year marks the bicentenary of European invasion for the Yuin people of the New South Wales south coast. Nel 1822, the Scottish surgeon and trader Alexander Berry was granted 10,000 acres of Yuin land around Cullun...

Child sexual exploitation victims tell of abuse followed by blame

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A report from the Independent inquiry into child sexual abuse has found “extensive failures” in the way child sexual exploitation by criminal gangs is tackled. Over the course of two months in 2020, l'inchiesta ascoltata ...

Rivelato: exploitation of meat plant workers rife across UK and Europe

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Meat companies across Europe have been hiring thousands of workers through subcontractors, agencies and bogus co-operatives on inferior pay and conditions, a Guardian investigation has found. Workers, officials and la...

Union seeks Hollywood ending for film industry’s tale of exploitation

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Working in Hollywood may sound glamorous but the vast majority of workers in entry-level, assistant and support staff positions are vulnerable to pervasive poor working conditions that ensure poor levels of pay and po...

Diciannove uomini a Bradford arrestati per sfruttamento sessuale di minori

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Diciannove uomini sono stati arrestati in un'indagine sullo sfruttamento sessuale minorile di una donna a Bradford, che risale a 20 anni. Gli uomini, di età compresa tra 36 e 55, sono stati trattenuti con l'accusa di reati risalenti tra 2...

Tobacco firms in move to strike out Malawi exploitation case

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Two of the world’s biggest tobacco companies are to ask the high court in London on Wednesday to strike out a case against them alleging the exploitation of Malawian farmers and their children as a result of their dri...

Police charge 29 men over child sexual exploitation in West Yorkshire

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Twenty-nine men have been charged with the sexual exploitation of a victim over a seven-year period in West Yorkshire. The men have been charged with various offences including rape, conspiracy to rape and indecent as...