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International researchers shun Australia after government vetoing of grants, kundige sê

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A Morrison government decision to veto some academic research funding grants had made it harder to attract international talent to Australia’s top-ranked university, a Nobel laureate has told a Senate inquiry. In late...

‘Do less and think more’: eight expert tips on boosting productivity for entrepreneurs

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Productivity can be an elusive goal for all professionals, but for small business owners, there never seem to be enough minutes in the day. Whether it’s running reports, answering customer emails, pitching for new bus...

Die beste BLT: 'n deskundige smaak toets hoë straat toebroodjies

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BLTs – spek, blaarslaai- en tamatietoebroodjies – is een van die gewildste keuses in baie supermarkmaaltye. blaarslaai- en tamatietoebroodjies – is een van die gewildste keuses in baie supermarkmaaltye, blaarslaai- en tamatietoebroodjies – is een van die gewildste keuses in baie supermarkmaaltye.

Luster by Raven Leilani audiobook review – expert reading of a dazzling debut

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We first meet sardonic New Yorker Edie sitting in the office talking dirty on a dating app with a man who says he is in an open marriage. For Edie, wie is 23, the product of a difficult childhood and one of only two B...

Covid nuus regstreeks: South Africa says fourth wave has peaked; US will soon see ‘viral blizzard’, expert warns

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Health officials in South Africa say its fourth wave has passed after a dip in infections; the US will see new Covid cases rise dramatically next month, an infectious disease expert warns

Some people in UK may need four Covid jabs to stay protected, kundige sê

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Some people may need a fourth dose of Covid vaccine to remain protected, a government scientific adviser has said, with a decision expected shortly after the Christmas and new year holidays. Prof Adam Finn said: “I th...

Will this year be a white Christmas in the UK? Ons vra die kenner

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Seeing streets lined with fluffy white snow on 25 December was already a rarity. So in a year that saw extreme weather catastrophes (from wildfires in Canada to severe floods across Europe), what is the future for Bri...

Maandag inligtingsessie: Next pandemic could be worse, expert warns

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Oggend almal. I’m Martin Farrer and these are today’s top stories. The Oxford professor who created the AstraZeneca vaccine has warned that the pandemic is far from over and the next one could be even more lethal...

Don’t be fooled by deceitful parents, top child expert warns social workers

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Social workers need to be more sceptical and decisive when confronted by “manipulative and deceitful” parents, one of the UK’s leading child protection experts has urged following the torture and killing of Arthur Lab...

Boris Johnson weerspreek kundige advies om Kersfees-geselligheid te kanselleer

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Boris Johnson het vooraanstaande wetenskaplikes en een van sy mees senior gesondheidsamptenare weerspreek wat mense aangeraai het om te verminder op onnodige sosialisering in reaksie op Omicron, aangesien hy mense versoek het om nie hul Ch...

Omicron-variant sal waarskynlik Covid in die Verenigde Koninkryk herlaai, kundige sê

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Dit is onwaarskynlik dat die Omicron Covid-variant die pandemie sal "herlaai" in 'n bevolking wat wyd ingeënt is, volgens 'n Britse deskundige wat versigtige optimisme uitgespreek het dat bestaande entstowwe ernstige siektes sal voorkom..

Will we ever cure the common cold? Ons vra die kenner

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Famously, there is no cure for the common cold. But with the success of the Covid vaccine, could it finally be in grabbing – or, rather, jabbing – distance? I asked Prof Sheena Cruickshank, an immunologist at the Univ...

UK must be ready to impose Covid restrictions this winter, expert warns

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The UK cannot afford to be complacent and must be prepared to introduce tougher measures to control the spread of Covid-19 this winter if necessary, a government adviser and leading epidemiologist has said. As mainlan...

What lies beneath: the secrets of France’s top serial killer expert

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One night in the early 1990s, at a dinner party at his home in Paris, Stéphane Bourgoin, an author and bookseller then of no particular renown, began to hold forth on the matter of serial killing. The topic was, by die ...

‘Catastrophic implications’: UN health expert condemns US over threat to abortion rights

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The United Nations special rapporteur on the right to health has called on the US supreme court to uphold the right to abortion in America or risk undermining international human rights law and threatening that right ...

You’ll never have a drug-free society, expert warns UK

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The Home Office should climb off its “high horse of oppression and prohibition” and stop pursuing the “fantasy” of a drug-free society, the chair of an influential international consortium on drug policy has said. Soos ...