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Australia’s strong Covid vaccine uptake will wane in coming months due to hesitancy, expert warns

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Australians must be prepared to see the Covid vaccination uptake curve start to flatten in coming months, a leading vaccine communication expert has warned, due to the rate of hesitancy. But she is calling for health ...

Zoom dilemmas solved! Expert advice on making video chats less awkward and more fun

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With many parts of Australia still in lockdown, connecting with others can feel increasingly challenging. Whether video calls are stifling your usual banter with friends, or the problem is actually hearing them at all...

Coronavirus live: UK expert calls for ‘strategic’ booster jabs; anti-lockdown clashes in Australia

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Últimas actualizaciones: UK government urged to stay alert to winter Covid threat; riot police use pepper spray to break up crowds in Melbourne

UK vaccine watchdog expert sceptical about booster jabs for all adults

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The UK’s vaccine watchdog is to decide on Thursday which vulnerable groups will be given booster shots against coronavirus, but it is expected to rule out a general rollout of third jabs. Prof Adam Finn, a member of t...

Tennesse: fired vaccine expert denies sending dog muzzle to herself

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A former Tennessee government official who was fired amid controversy over vaccine access for teenagers has denied sending herself a dog muzzle she told authorities was delivered anonymously, possibly as a warning to ...

UK can’t fight climate crisis with austerity, warns expert

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Imposing “premature austerity” again will undermine the fight against climate change and stop poorer households going green, one of the world’s leading climate economists has warned the government, amid claims that th...

Noticias en vivo sobre coronavirus: more lockdowns ‘unlikely’ to be needed, says UK expert; Australia has record day of cases

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Últimas actualizaciones: Neil Ferguson’s claim comes as number of people in hospitals in England with virus falls; Australia suffers worst Covid day this year

Football should consider eliminating heading, dementia expert says

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Football should consider eliminating heading, the leading researcher into dementia in the sport has said, after new evidence provided “the missing link” between repeated heading and neurodegenerative disease. Dr Willi...

From Oslo pram guy to the teenage vacuum expert: inside the obsessive world of niche online reviewers

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Once a month, every month, más que 8,000 strangers pay James Hoffmann a total of £16,263 so he can go out and buy coffee machines. Hoffmann, 41, from London, is an author, business owner, coffee connoisseur and, abo...

Myanmar could become Covid ‘super-spreader’ state, dice experto de la ONU

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Myanmar is at risk of becoming a super-spreader Covid state that fuels outbreaks across the region, the UN special rapporteur for the country has warned as he urged the security council to call for a ceasefire. The so...

‘Seriously ill’ young people in current Covid admissions, expert warns

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Young people are getting “seriously ill” from Covid-19, a member of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation has warned, as he urged them to get vaccinated. Prof Adam Finn, from the University of Bristol, s...

Tight policy not the right policy, says Bank of England expert

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The Bank of England would risk choking off recovery with an over-hasty tightening of policy to combat a temporary rise in inflation, one of its policymakers has said. Prof Jonathan Haskel, one of the eight members of ...

UK food supply chain vulnerable to cyber-attack, expert warns

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Britain’s food supply is highly vulnerable to cyber-attacks, a leading food expert has warned, saying greater emphasis on domestic production would boost the UK’s food security. “If anyone wanted to really damage the ...

UN human rights expert decries boat turnbacks as Australia criticised for secrecy of ‘on-water matters’

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Forcibly pushing back migrant boats is a “cruel and deadly practice” that violates international law, and risks sending people back to death, torture or persecution, a senior UN official has said, warning countries th...

Not enough evidence to back Covid jabs for children, says UK expert

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One of the UK’s leading childhood health experts has said there is not enough evidence to support vaccinating children against Covid, and the body that will make the decision on whether to jab under-18s has indicated ...

Brasil podría haber parado 400,000 Muertes de covid con mejor respuesta del gobierno, experto dice

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Brasil podría haber salvado 400,000 vidas si el país hubiera implementado medidas de distanciamiento social más estrictas y hubiera lanzado un programa de vacunación antes, según un eminente epidemiólogo que lidera el primer st ...

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