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UN human rights expert decries boat turnbacks as Australia criticised for secrecy of ‘on-water matters’

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Forcibly pushing back migrant boats is a “cruel and deadly practice” that violates international law, and risks sending people back to death, torture or persecution, a senior UN official has said, warning countries th...

Expert warned against wrist X-rays used by AFP to prosecute children as adult people smugglers

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An expert radiologist says Australian federal police continued to use wrist X-rays to prosecute children as adult people smugglers after he had given unequivocal evidence of the technique’s unreliability, something he...

Do we need a worldwide minimum wage? Ons vra 'n kenner

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When P&O sacked 800 of its workers with the intention of replacing them with agency staff, including foreign workers allegedly paid less than minimum wage, it sparked an outcry. As businesses become more global, s ...

Covid nuus regstreeks: South Africa says fourth wave has peaked; US will soon see ‘viral blizzard’, expert warns

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Health officials in South Africa say its fourth wave has passed after a dip in infections; the US will see new Covid cases rise dramatically next month, an infectious disease expert warns

Virginia governor’s race: Glenn Youngkin may win due to ‘white backlash’, kundige sê

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Glenn Youngkin may be riding a wave of “white backlash” all the way to the Virginia governor’s mansion, a leading polling expert in the state said, as the Republican led the former governor Terry McAuliffe into electi...

What’s my personal inflation rate? Ons vra 'n kenner

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Verlede maand, anti-poverty campaigner Jack Monroe sparked change by highlighting huge price increases on food that far exceeded the Office for National Statistics’ inflation figure of 5.4%; the cost of living crisis, Dit...

Raise benefits to curb UK crisis in mental health, expert urges

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The welfare system is damaging the health of the poor and needs to be overhauled in the wake of the Covid pandemic, Britain’s leading expert on health inequalities has warned. Sir Michael Marmot said increasing out-of...

Jellyfish would ‘inevitably’ force nuclear submarines into shutdown if based in Brisbane, kundige sê

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Australia’s nuclear-powered submarines would “inevitably” be forced into an emergency reactor shutdown by swarms of jellyfish if the fleet was based in Brisbane, a leading marine scientist says. The Australian governm...

Luster by Raven Leilani audiobook review – expert reading of a dazzling debut

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We first meet sardonic New Yorker Edie sitting in the office talking dirty on a dating app with a man who says he is in an open marriage. For Edie, wie is 23, the product of a difficult childhood and one of only two B...

Will this year be a white Christmas in the UK? Ons vra die kenner

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Seeing streets lined with fluffy white snow on 25 December was already a rarity. So in a year that saw extreme weather catastrophes (from wildfires in Canada to severe floods across Europe), what is the future for Bri...

Could I have undiagnosed ADHD? Ons vra 'n kenner

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Laas jaar, over a quarter of a million British women took an online test for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). The condition is most commonly diagnosed in childhood, but with cases routinely being misse...

Will we ever cure the common cold? Ons vra die kenner

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Famously, there is no cure for the common cold. But with the success of the Covid vaccine, could it finally be in grabbing – or, rather, jabbing – distance? I asked Prof Sheena Cruickshank, an immunologist at the Univ...

Can I recycle a pizza box? Ons vra die kenner

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Of all the memories I have of the pandemic last year, the image of bins sticks in my mind. Black bins piled high, green recycling bins stuffed with packaging from online deliveries and takeaways. Occasionally, I’d see...

Third wave of Covid ‘definitely under way’ in UK, sê kenner

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A government scientific adviser has said a third wave of the coronavirus pandemic is “definitely under way” as the vaccine programme races to outpace the Delta variant’s spread across the UK. It comes after Public Hea...

UK introducing three laws that threaten human rights, says UN expert

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Boris Johnson’s government is introducing three pieces of legislation that will make human rights violations more likely to occur and less likely to be sanctioned even as averting climate catastrophe depends on these ...

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