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Not enough evidence to back Covid jabs for children, says UK expert

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One of the UK’s leading childhood health experts has said there is not enough evidence to support vaccinating children against Covid, and the body that will make the decision on whether to jab under-18s has indicated ...

Don’t be fooled by deceitful parents, top child expert warns social workers

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Social workers need to be more sceptical and decisive when confronted by “manipulative and deceitful” parents, one of the UK’s leading child protection experts has urged following the torture and killing of Arthur Lab...

UK vaccine watchdog expert sceptical about booster jabs for all adults

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The UK’s vaccine watchdog is to decide on Thursday which vulnerable groups will be given booster shots against coronavirus, but it is expected to rule out a general rollout of third jabs. Prof. Adam Finn, a member of t...

‘We are not ready’: a cyber expert on US vulnerability to a Russian attack

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The war between Russia and Ukraine has been widely anticipated to play out online, in addition to on the ground. Moscow’s cyberwar capabilities have long been cause for concern. Russia has a record of coordinating cyb...

Delta variant 30-100% more transmissible, says UK Covid expert

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The Delta variant of coronavirus, first discovered in India, is anywhere between 30% aan 100% more transmissible than the previously dominant Alpha (or Kent) variant, according to Prof Neil Ferguson, whose Covid modell...

Hilary Mantel tells a great tale but ruined abbeys tell a different one, sê kenner

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The staging of the final novel in Hilary Mantel’s Wolf Hall trilogy has, oënskynlik 'n skuif oorweeg wat hy nooit sal maak nie, been the flagship theatrical event as the West End re-opens after lockdown. One critic described The Mirror and the Light, which chron...

Jake Daniels coming out will have ‘domino effect’, says inclusion expert

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Jake Daniels’s decision to come out as gay promises a domino effect that will allow more men in professional football to be open about their sexuality, according to a figure involved in the process that led to the Bla...

UN human rights expert decries boat turnbacks as Australia criticised for secrecy of ‘on-water matters’

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Forcibly pushing back migrant boats is a “cruel and deadly practice” that violates international law, and risks sending people back to death, torture or persecution, a senior UN official has said, warning countries th...

Maandag inligtingsessie: Next pandemic could be worse, expert warns

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Oggend almal. I’m Martin Farrer and these are today’s top stories. The Oxford professor who created the AstraZeneca vaccine has warned that the pandemic is far from over and the next one could be even more lethal...

Chauvin used deliberate and excessive pain technique on George Floyd, police expert says

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An expert police witness has told the Derek Chauvin murder trial in Minneapolis that the accused former officer used a technique designed to deliberately inflict pain and subjected George Floyd to it for an extended p...

Coronavirus regstreeks: UK expert calls for ‘strategic’ booster jabs; anti-lockdown clashes in Australia

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Nuutste opdaterings: UK government urged to stay alert to winter Covid threat; riot police use pepper spray to break up crowds in Melbourne

What’s my personal inflation rate? Ons vra 'n kenner

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Verlede maand, anti-poverty campaigner Jack Monroe sparked change by highlighting huge price increases on food that far exceeded the Office for National Statistics’ inflation figure of 5.4%; the cost of living crisis, Dit...

Covid could become seasonal epidemic by winter, says German expert

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The Covid-19 pandemic is likely to become an epidemic by the autumn or winter, which can be expected to recur every year but be controlled by vaccine boosters, according to a leading German virologist. Christian Drost...

Social media ‘emboldens’ stalkers to take action, warns expert

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Social media is acting as a “catalyst” for stalkers to act on delusional beliefs, England’s most senior clinician working with perpetrators has warned. Frank Farnham, the clinical lead at the National Stalking Clinic ...

Crypto crash unlikely to reduce its climate impact, kundige sê

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The crypto crash will not reduce the sector’s climate impact any time soon, an economist has warned, even though the environmental footprint of digital currencies is in theory set by their market value. “Unless bitcoi...

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