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Ah, Mr Bond. I was expecting you – to entertain me

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Alerta de spoiler! This column is about the new James Bond film and reveals some big things that happen in it. If you haven’t seen it but plan to, don’t read on. The main spoiler is: they’ve spoiled it. The producers of N...

Boris and Carrie Johnson expecting their second child

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Boris Johnson and his wife, Carrie, are expecting their second child, as the prime minister’s wife revealed she had a miscarriage at the start of this year. The couple, who married in secret at Westminster Cathedral i...

Tim Dowling: the oldest one is out tonight. I wasn’t expecting this

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It is the middle of the work day, but I have vacated my office shed because the youngest one is having a job interview in it. It’s the only place that combines strong wifi coverage with no risk of an argument about to...