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Ikea expected to buy Topshop’s former flagship London store

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Ikea is poised to buy Topshop’s former flagship store on London’s Oxford Street, once the jewel in Sir Philip Green’s retail empire, for an estimated £385m, creating a new London home for the Swedish furniture brand. ...

Andrew Neil will not make expected return to GB News next week

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Fresh doubt has been cast over Andrew Neil’s continued involvement in GB News as it emerged he will not be making his expected return next week to work at the station he founded. Amid frayed relations between Neil and...

UK decision on Covid jabs for children expected imminently

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A decision on extending Covid vaccinations to 12- to 15-year-olds is expected to be announced imminently, following days of increasing pressure on the government’s vaccinations watchdog to approve the idea. The Joint ...

Caldor fire continues march to Lake Tahoe as winds expected to pick up

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The Caldor fire continued its slow march toward the Lake Tahoe resort region on Friday, as crews worked in rugged terrain to hold the lines of the blaze. Winds and temperatures are expected to pick up in coming days w...

The Beach of Dreams trail left me dazzled by an Essex I never expected

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I stand aside to let a tractor go past down the lane and only then notice the field of sunflowers. There is a sign out front: Please help yourself. I wander up the side of the plot and stand among thousands of yellow ...

Expected Afghan influx reopens divisions over refugees in Europe

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The fall of Kabul has reopened divisions over immigration in European countries as government leaders brace themselves for an inevitable surge in refugees. Thousands of Afghans, among them the president, Ashraf Ghani,...

Senate expected to vote Saturday on passage of bipartisan infrastructure bill – live

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If bill passes, it will be sent to the House and ultimately to the desk of Biden, who has wholeheartedly endorsed the legislation

UK petrol prices at highest level since 2013, with more rises expected

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UK petrol prices have hit their highest level in almost eight years amid growing demand for fuel as economies emerge from pandemic lockdowns. The price of petrol went up by 3.4p per litre in July – the biggest increas...

UK children aged 16 en 17 expected to be offered Covid vaccine

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Covid vaccines are expected to be offered to children in the UK aged 16 en 17, in line with many other countries, after a minister confirmed government experts will update their advice “imminently”. Michelle Donelan,...

Rugby League World Cup ‘50-50’ to take place with decision expected in days

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The chief executive of the Rugby League World Cup has described the chances of the tournament taking place as planned this autumn as “50-50”, but has strenuously denied accusations from Australia and New Zealand that ...

Australia Covid live update: Victoria and SA lockdowns expected to end; outbreak in Sydney unit block

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Restrictions expected to ease in two states as NSW braces for more high infection rates. Follow all the day’s news

Anger as minister fails to announce expected pay rise for NHS staff

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Health unions have accused ministers of treating NHS staff “with contempt” after the government pulled an announcement about this year’s pay rise at the last minute without explanation. The health minister Helen Whate...

Keir Starmer expected to back purge of far-left Labour factions

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Keir Starmer is preparing to support a purge of far-left factions that were vocal supporters of Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership. Na 15 months of being party leader, Starmer is expected to support a proposal before the p...

Vaccines minister says mask wearing will be ‘expected’ na 19 July – video

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Masks will still be 'expected' in indoor, enclosed places when most remaining Covid restrictions are lifted later this month, Nadhim Zahawi, the vaccines minister, says in a toughening up of rhetoric amid concerns abo...

Covid live: public in England expected to wear masks when measures lift; Indonesia reports 1,007 daily deaths

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UK minister says mask guidance indoors is set to stay in England; Indonesian death toll rises to total of 66,464 after deadly day

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