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Greta Thunberg: Estoy abierto a reunirme con Biden en Cop26 pero no espero mucho

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Greta Thunberg está "abierta" a reunirse con Joe Biden en la cumbre climática de las Naciones Unidas en Glasgow, aunque el joven activista sueco no espera mucho ni del líder estadounidense ni de la cumbre decisiva que se celebrará..

Sesión informativa del martes: ‘We cannot expect NHS to recover alone’

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Mañana, Soy Virginia Harrison y estas son las mejores historias de hoy. Boris Johnson is poised to unveil his long-awaited plan to fix the “broken” social care system to MPs later today. The prime minister will tell mutino...

Afghan refugees can soon expect Britain’s warm welcome to turn into cold comfort

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For a brief moment, it would appear that the UK isn’t quite so “full up”, as the government launches Operation Warm Welcome to relocate refugees from Afghanistan. As the name – evocative of bold military action in the...

What to expect when your children go back to school – and how to help them cope

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‘Safety and wellbeing is paramount’ For many parents and children, the prospect of returning to school again in September should be an exciting one, but concerns are natural too. It’s something Munif Zia, principal of...

UK can expect thousands of Covid deaths every year, warn scientists

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Britain faces the prospect of thousands of annual Covid deaths for years to come, scientists have warned. They say waves of cases are likely to sweep the country every winter as Covid-19 joins other seasonal viruses, ...

Don’t expect post-Brexit Britain to match EU’s fight against big tech

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If anyone needed convincing that the pandemic would turbo-charge sales at America’s largest tech firms and send profits soaring, this week’s quarterly results defied the doubters. manzana, Microsoft and Google owner Alp...

‘Life is never what you expect!’ Deborah Warner on theatre, nature and new parenthood

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A flicker on the screen and a shadow resembling Deborah Warner is there. Then she’s gone. “Sorry, I’m not really set up!” she bellows. “I’m putting you on some books!” The camera judders and Warner reappears, bathed i...

We’ve come to expect being treated badly on dating apps

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“You would have been just one screw anyway because you’re an ugly fat bitch.” A women told me she received this reply on a dating app after she declined a “hook-up” invitation. She was a 45+ and looking for love onlin...

Expect China to be furious at being cast as a threat to the west

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When the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (Nato) was established on 4 abril 1949, its mission was to counterbalance armies from the Soviet Union that were stationed in central and eastern Europe after the conclusion...

Drug reform is the holy grail – but don’t expect answers at the G7

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Joe Biden is a fine one to lecture Boris Johnson on trade with his neighbours. Johnson could well retort: what about the US and Mexico? What about the $88bn Biden spends trying and failing to police his shambolic drug...

Don’t expect Netanyahu’s departure to alter the course of politics in Israel

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It would be encouraging to think that the massive upheaval afoot in Israeli politics with the unseating of Benjamin Netanyahu also signals a seismic shift in political culture. Perhaps a turning point in its democrati...

Former BBC chiefs told to expect criticism in Diana interview inquiry

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The findings of the BBC’s inquiry into the tactics Martin Bashir used to obtain his sensational interview with Princess Diana are due to be published on Thursday, and former senior executives associated with the 1995 ...

Don’t expect transparency in a government run by WhatsApp

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A principios de este mes, the Mail on Sunday ran an article that caused quite a stir: there was a hunt on “for a Redthroat mole at the heart of the government”. The columnist Dan Hodges claimed that, after the Cameron-Green...

Don’t expect Biden to trumpet lofty aims for his rescue plans – he’s simply Mr Fix-it

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Joe Biden is embarking on the biggest government initiative in more than a half-century, “unlike anything we have seen or done since we built the interstate highway system and the space race decades go”, él dice. Pero...

Brundle and Hill expect Verstappen to challenge Hamilton for F1 title

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Martin Brundle believes Lewis Hamilton is going to face a strong challenge from Red Bull for the Formula One world championship this season. His views were echoed by the former world champion Damon Hill, who insists H...