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Noticias en vivo sobre coronavirus: Singapur amplía los viajes sin cuarentena; las pruebas gratuitas de Covid "podrían descartarse": informes

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Pasa el número de muertos en Brasil 600,000; estudio encuentra que los casos de ansiedad y depresión aumentaron dramáticamente en 2020

MCC Foundation expands cricket’s ability to realise dreams of Lord’s

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Lord’s was quiet, and the shout from the Tavern Stand carried right across the ground. “Girls! Girls!” A reply from the first floor of the pavilion came back just as loud. “Yes mum?” Then “Come back out on the balcony...

Ryanair predicts ‘very strong recovery’ as it expands autumn flights

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Ryanair is expecting to fly more passengers this autumn than in the summer, raising its target for the next three months as it predicts “a very strong recovery”. The budget short-haul airline, Europe’s largest carrier...

California expands Covid restrictions as Delta variant threat grows

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California’s public health agency this week recommended that people wear masks indoors regardless of their vaccination status, one of several steps taken across the state as part of an urgent effort to curb the rise o...

Japan expands Covid state of emergency to four more areas

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Japan has expanded its coronavirus state of emergency to four more areas beyond Tokyo after record increases in infections while the capital hosts the Olympics Games. The country’s prime minister, Yoshihide Suga, decl...

Shower scene: NSW police fine man hiding behind curtain as Covid crackdown expands

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Hiding behind a shower curtain and pretending to be delivering a package were not enough to save two men from being slapped with $1,000 fines for attending an illegal gathering in Sydney’s east on Friday afternoon. Th ...

Colapso de condominio en Miami: death toll reaches 27 as demolition expands search area

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Three more victims were discovered in the rubble of the collapsed South Florida condo building on Monday after crews set off a string of explosives that brought down the last of the structure, allowing search efforts ...

Noticias en vivo sobre coronavirus: India daily cases top 300,000 for fifth straight day; Greece expands no-quarantine list

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Germany to send oxygen and medical aid to India; Greece to lift quarantine restrictions for Australia, Russia and others; India reports over 350,000 new cases for first time

Noticias en vivo sobre coronavirus: Italy and Spain limit AstraZeneca jab to over 60s; Ireland expands hotel quarantine list

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Two countries are latest in EU to restrict use of vaccine; Ireland stops short of adding US, Alemania, Italy and France

NHS expands use of device that zaps away cluster headaches

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A small, portable device that can zap away cluster headaches is being made available to patients on the NHS. One to two in every 1,000 people have cluster headaches, sometimes known as “suicide headaches” because 64% ...

Myanmar coup: military expands internet shutdown

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Myanmar’s military junta has expanded an internet shutdown, further stifling access to information in the country, where hundreds of people have been killed and disappeared following a coup in February. On Thursday ni...

Roger Stone faces fresh scrutiny as Capitol attack investigation expands

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As the federal investigation of the 6 January Capitol insurrection expands, scrutiny of Donald Trump’s decades-long ally Roger Stone is expected to intensify, given his links to at least four far-right Oath Keepers an...

El organismo de control de la policía amplía la investigación sobre la muerte de Mohamud Hassan

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El perro guardián de la policía ha comenzado una investigación sobre otros cuatro agentes de policía como parte de su investigación sobre la muerte súbita de un hombre poco después de ser liberado.. La Oficina Independiente de Conducta Policial..