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'n Nuwe begin na 60: ‘I was a globetrotting photographer. Then I stayed home – and my world expanded’

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Roff Smith’s photographs show a solitary cyclist – Smith himself – in a painterly landscape. His wheels appear to turn briskly, but really the bike moves as slowly as it can without a wobble. As a writer and photograp...

New Yorkers reject expanded voting access in stunning result

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Amid an array of discouraging election results for Democrats last week, there was one under-the-radar outcome that was especially perplexing. In New York, one of the country’s most progressive states, voters overwhelm...

Cop26 live news: protected reserve around Galapagos islands to be massively expanded

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All the latest news and developments from the UN climate talks in Glasgow

‘Punitive and flawed’ ParentsNext program should not be expanded, kenners waarsku

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Social service, human rights and domestic violence groups have warned against government plans to expand a welfare program aimed at single mothers, arguing the ParentsNext scheme is “punitive and flawed”. Sedert 2018 a ...

NSW weather live: Berejiklian says fires and floods may push people to ‘breaking point’ as disaster relief payment expanded

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School closures as more rain, flooding expected on mid-north coast; major flooding expected along the Hawkesbury River in western Sydney, as well as the Macleay River at Kempsey and Smithtown, and the Hastings River. ...