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Oxford Covid biotech firm plans £2.4bn flotation on London stock exchange

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Oxford Nanopore, whose Covid-19 technology was snapped up by the UK government and used to track variants of the virus globally, plans to float on the London stock exchange in one of the biggest London debuts this yea...

Trump and Barr exchange fire over voter fraud lies – US politics live

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In excerpt from book Betrayal, Barr told journalist and author Jonathan Karl that Trump’s claims of election fraud were ‘all bullshit’

UK financial watchdog cracks down on cryptocurrency exchange Binance

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Britain’s financial regulator has ordered Binance, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, to stop all regulated activity and issued a warning to consumers about the platform, which is coming under growin...

UK and Australia to collaborate on cultural exchange season

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Forget Tim Tams, Vegemite and moderately cheaper Jacob’s Creek wine, the UK and Australia are to collaborate on the biggest cultural exchange programme there has ever been between the two countries. Early details of a...

‘Open outcry’ trading to restart at London Metal Exchange

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The London Metal Exchange, the last remaining in-person trading floor in Europe, is to reopen on 6 September after its management decided not to permanently close the trading ring, which has been operating since 1877....

Coinbase, US’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, makes Nasdaq debut

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The soaring value of cryptocurrencies added another name to the list of the world’s wealthiest billionaires on Wednesday with the introduction of Coinbase, the US’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, on to the Nasdaq st...

Cybersecurity firm Darktrace plans £3bn IPO on London Stock Exchange

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Cybersecurity firm Darktrace has announced plans to float on the London Stock Exchange, in a move that will reportedly value the Cambridge-based company at £3bn. L'azienda, which is backed by tech entrepreneur Mike ...

London Stock Exchange has best first quarter for IPOs since 2007

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The London Stock Exchange registered its best start to the year for company floats in more than a decade, despite a limp debut for Deliveroo. High-profile IPO listings from the takeaway food firm, consumer reviews sit...

Foreign exchange: 10 places in the UK to make you feel that you’re abroad

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The Isles of Scilly may not have Caribbean temperatures, but the white sand beaches and turquoise sea are just as seductive. There are palm trees and that blend of otherworldliness and self-reliance you get in places ...

Oxford Nanopore to float on London Stock Exchange

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Oxford Nanopore, a startup spun out from Oxford University whose Covid-19 technology was snapped up by the UK government and used to track variants of the virus globally, has set out plans to float on the London Stock...

PensionBee to float on London Stock Exchange

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PensionBee, an online pension provider, has become the latest company to announce plans to float on the London Stock Exchange, with an estimated market value of £350m. The firm, which helps savers consolidate their ol...

La paga del capo della Borsa di Londra è quasi triplicata dopo l'acquisizione di Refinitiv

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Il boss del London Stock Exchange Group ha quasi triplicato la sua paga a 6,9 milioni di sterline l'anno scorso, dopo i 27 miliardi di dollari della società (£ 19,5 miliardi) l'acquisizione del fornitore di dati finanziari Refinitiv ha portato a un aumento del prezzo delle azioni di LSE. David Schwim ...