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Great Barrier Reef authority confirms unprecedented sixth mass coral bleaching event

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The Great Barrier Reef has been hit with a sixth mass coral bleaching event, the marine park’s authority has confirmed, with aerial surveys showing almost no reefs across a 1,200km stretch escaping the heat. The Guard...

Great Barrier Reef hit by sixth mass bleaching event, leading coral scientist says

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One of the world’s leading coral scientists claims a sixth mass bleaching event is unfolding across the Great Barrier Reef, with official monitoring flights now under way all along the Queensland coastline. The Great ...

Technical fault ruins Glastonbury streamed event Live at Worthy Farm

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In the digital equivalent of a washed-out festival, Glastonbury’s much-anticipated livestreamed event, Live at Worthy Farm, has ended in disaster after many ticketholders were unable to access the stream. Hopeful view...

‘A horrific event’: wildfires fanned by high winds force Colorado evacuations

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Two fast-moving wildfires driven by strong winds erupted in northern Colorado on Thursday afternoon, forcing thousands of residents to flee their homes. The fires, burning to the north and south of the city of Boulder...

NSW weather live updates: Gladys Berejiklian says mid north coast experiencing once in a century event

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Penrith floods could be worst in 50 jare, as Queensland and SA send emergency crews to help. Follow latest updatesNSW flooding: people flee their homes overnight as extreme rain wreaks havoc

Tokyo 2020 Olimpiese Spele: complete event schedule

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The opening ceremony is at 8pm Tokyo time (9pm AEST/noon BST/7am EDT) op Vrydag 23 Julie, but the baseball, softball and football competitions begin on Wednesday 21 Julie. The first gold medal is expected to be awarde...

St Vincent hit by power cuts after another ‘explosive event’

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A second “explosive event” has been reported by authorities in Saint Vincent, leaving residents of the area around La Soufrière volcano facing power cuts and water outages. Locals described loud rumbling, lightning an...

Tokyo 2020 Olimpiese Spele: complete event schedule and live scores

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The opening ceremony is at 8pm Tokyo time (9pm AEST/noon BST/7am EDT) op Vrydag 23 Julie, but the baseball, softball and football competitions begin on Wednesday 21 Julie. The first gold medal is expected to be awarded...

Verteerde week: a children’s party in New York felt like a golden-ticketed event

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Is a Great Easing under way? Superficially, it seems not. In New York, everyone is still masked. Teachers send kids home with Covid test kits at the slightest symptom and advise them to stay away until they have two n...

Tulsa Race Massacre centenary: major event canceled after payment dispute

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A major event to commemorate the centenary of the Tulsa Race Massacre was canceled amid an impasse over payments to three survivors, organizers said. The Remember & Rise event was scheduled for Tulsa on Monday, a ...

Republican contender in Virginia avoids Trump’s campaign event

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Donald Trump was scheduled to host a Virginia campaign event on Monday for Glenn Youngkin, the Republican candidate for governor in a race headed down to the wire. But Youngkin will not participate, as he attempts to ...

Toesluitparty-ondersoek kan uitbrei om nr 10 tuin geleentheid

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Bedroefde families het Boris Johnson daarvan beskuldig dat hy "flatante minagting" vir die publiek toon terwyl ministers gesukkel het om die regverdiging van 'n wyn-en-kaasgeleentheid in Downingstraat op die hoogtepunt van toesluit te verduidelik. ...

Australian Hannah Green becomes first woman to win pro mixed-gender event

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Class has prevailed as Hannah Green scored a dominant four-shot victory in the $200,000 TPS Murray River, becoming the first woman to win a 72-hole mixed gender tournament on any of the world’s leading golf tours. Maj...

Prison governor defends Fishmongers’ Hall attacker attending education event

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A prison governor has defended allowing the terrorist Usman Khan to take part in a Learning Together education programme before his deadly attack at Fishmongers’ Hall in London. William Styles, who was governor for mo...

‘A once-in-a-generation event’: lessons from a year of lockdown in Europe

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Measures first imposed in Italy a year ago seemed shocking at first but soon became the new normal across the continent They seemed, this time last year, almost unimaginable: the most severe restrictions imposed on a ...

Caller tells Joe Biden ‘Let’s go Brandon’ during White House Christmas event

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A vulgar anti-Biden slogan made for an awkward moment on Friday during Joe Biden’s phone calls with children tracking Santa’s flight when a father said, “Let’s Go Brandon.” The refrain, a sanitized version of “Fuck Jo...

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