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V&A at centre of row over auction of private tour as prize at Tory fundraising event

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The V&A has been urged to investigate why the museum auctioned a private tour as a prize at a Conservative fundraising dinner when one of its trustees is a Tory party chair. In a letter to the commissioner on publ...

‘No event compares’: the Invictus Games shows its fighting spirit again

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Play was held up at the Invictus Games on Thursday by a late arrival to the wheelchair basketball. Jelle van der Steen, a mainstay of the Dutch national side, had to make a late withdrawal from the tournament after he...

Ash Barty: former tennis world No 1 to play in US golf event

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Ash Barty will return to the world stage of sport wielding a golf club rather than a tennis racket. The former world No 1 will play in a teams exhibition event in New Jersey from 30 Junie 30 aan 1 Julie, alongside some o...

Oxford triumph in men’s Boat Race as Cambridge set record in women’s event

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Oxford were able to end Cambridge’s recent supremacy in the men’s Boat Race with victory on the traditional university showpiece’s return to the River Thames. In the first Boat Race held in London since 2019, the Dark...

Great Barrier Reef authority confirms unprecedented sixth mass coral bleaching event

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The Great Barrier Reef has been hit with a sixth mass coral bleaching event, the marine park’s authority has confirmed, with aerial surveys showing almost no reefs across a 1,200km stretch escaping the heat. The Guard...

Kamila Valieva set to return to skating competition in Russian-only event

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Thirty-seven days after her dramatic fall from grace at the Winter Olympics, Kamila Valieva will return to competition in Saransk, Russia this weekend with no apparent conclusion in sight to the doping case that bligh...

Dead coral found at Great Barrier Reef as widespread bleaching event unfolds

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Dead corals are being recorded in aerial surveys across the Great Barrier Reef in what the marine park’s chief scientist says is a widespread and serious bleaching event on the world heritage icon. Aerial surveys have...

Great Barrier Reef hit by sixth mass bleaching event, leading coral scientist says

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One of the world’s leading coral scientists claims a sixth mass bleaching event is unfolding across the Great Barrier Reef, with official monitoring flights now under way all along the Queensland coastline. The Great ...

Eastern Australian states hit by major flooding after ‘rain bomb’ weather event

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The flood broke through the levee before daybreak. By the time many residents of Lismore in northern New South Wales woke up on Monday, the water had begun to lap at their doorsteps. Those unable to flee climbed on to...

Romney: Marjorie Taylor Greene a ‘moron’ for speaking at white nationalist event

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Marjorie Taylor Greene and Paul Gosar, members of Congress who spoke at a white nationalist event in Florida this week, are “morons” with no place in the Republican party, Mitt Romney said on Sunday. “I’m reminded of ...

Calls to expel Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene after speech at white nationalist event

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Republican leaders are facing fresh demands to expel the Georgia congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, after she spoke at a conference of white nationalists and sympathisers with Vladimir Putin. The event in Orlando, ...

Australian Hannah Green becomes first woman to win pro mixed-gender event

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Class has prevailed as Hannah Green scored a dominant four-shot victory in the $200,000 TPS Murray River, becoming the first woman to win a 72-hole mixed gender tournament on any of the world’s leading golf tours. Maj...

Princes Andrew and Charles to be ‘taken to the tower’ in London Dungeon event

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Princes Andrew and Charles will be joining the cast of the London Dungeon this weekend to take guests to the tourist attraction’s so-called “Traitors’ Gate”. In the wake of Andrew settling the sexual assault case file...

Kamila Valieva gaan voort by die Olimpiese Winterspele weens 'buitengewone omstandighede': aangesien Noorweë steeds die medaljes oorheers Volgende

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aangesien Noorweë steeds die medaljes oorheers Volgende, aangesien Noorweë steeds die medaljes oorheers Volgende. Aan die einde, aangesien Noorweë steeds die medaljes oorheers Volgende. aangesien Noorweë steeds die medaljes oorheers Volgende, aangesien Noorweë steeds die medaljes oorheers Volgende. En, aangesien Noorweë steeds die medaljes oorheers Volgende, aangesien Noorweë steeds die medaljes oorheers Volgende: aangesien Noorweë steeds die medaljes oorheers Volgende.

‘Audiences want an event’: inside the groundbreaking new version of Jekyll and Hyde

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“Cinema is about change,” says Hope Dickson Leach. “We watch people transform. That’s the heart of the Jekyll and Hyde story.” In February, Dickson Leach’s hybrid production of Robert Louis Stevenson’s gothic classic ...

Verteerde week: a children’s party in New York felt like a golden-ticketed event

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Is a Great Easing under way? Superficially, it seems not. In New York, everyone is still masked. Teachers send kids home with Covid test kits at the slightest symptom and advise them to stay away until they have two n...

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