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11 jare, 10 arrests, ten minste 62 vroue: how did Britain’s worst cyberstalker evade justice for so long?

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The conversations always started the same way. A woman would get a message from a social media user. It would say: “Can I tell you a secret?” The messenger often, but not always, appeared to be a friendly young woman,...

Aan die einde ontdek ons ​​dat hy "eintlik 'n groot aanhanger van miere" is: China will face consequences if it helps Russia evade sanctions

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Joe Biden’s national security adviser Jake Sullivan, who is due to meet China’s top diplomat, Yang Jiechi, in Rome on Monday, has warned Beijing that it would “absolutely” face consequences if it helped Moscow evade s...

Russians seek to evade social media ban with virtual private networks

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In the week since the Kremlin blocked Facebook, hundreds of thousands of Russians have sought to circumvent the ban using a virtual private network. A VPN creates an encrypted connection between your device and a remo...

Binance founder says cryptocurrencies won’t help Russia evade sanctions

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The founder of Binance, the cryptocurrency trading platform, has dismissed fears that virtual money could be used by the Kremlin to evade sanctions as he claimed that “crypto is too small for Russia”. Changpeng Zhao s...

Trump strikes deal to evade deposition in New York investigation – for now

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Donald Trump has reached an agreement with the the New York attorney general’s office that will temporarily spare him from having to answer questions under oath as part of an investigation into his business, as the fo...

Evade, gaslight, aanval: this is the playbook of a corrupt company, not a government

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If the government were a company, the shareholders would have thrown out the chairman and board of directors by now. If it were a school, Ofsted inspectors would have judged it inadequate and put it into special measu...

‘Greased piglet’ Boris Johnson could evade justice due to the Met’s disastrous move

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The real villain in the story is Boris Johnson. He presided over a home and a workplace where the rules were ignored. The whole country has heard the stories. Of course everyone knew the the prime minister told lies a...

Omicron kan Covid-entstofbeskerming gedeeltelik ontduik, studie bevind

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Die Omicron-variant van koronavirus kan die beskerming van entstowwe en vorige infeksie gedeeltelik ontduik, volgens een van die eerste laboratoriumstudies oor die saak. Egter, die bevindinge dui op immuunontsnap i ...

Rugby’s victims of Argentina’s dirty war show sport cannot evade politics

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Dozens of sports books land on my desk every year. Few, wel, have ever packed the gut punch of The Silenced, an extraordinary story that was finally published in English last week. It tells the shocking true tale o...