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Britons stranded in Afghanistan call for urgent evacuation help

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Más que 60 British nationals who remain stranded in Afghanistan have criticised the government for abandoning them and their families in an increasingly dangerous situation. Acerca de 20 of the group met outside Kabul t...

Second Dutch minister resigns over Afghan evacuation crisis

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The Dutch defence minister has became the second cabinet member to resign over the Afghan evacuation debacle. Ank Bijleveld resigned on Friday, following the foreign minister, Sigrid Kaag, out of the door after parlia...

Fuego caldor: California levanta órdenes de evacuación para South Lake Tahoe

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Las autoridades de California levantaron las órdenes de evacuación obligatorias para South Lake Tahoe el lunes, permitiendo que la ciudad turística 22,000 residentes para regresar a casa. La decisión marcó un hito de confianza en la lucha contra el ...

Afganistán: what can refugees do now that UK evacuation is over?

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While the UK’s formal evacuation of its own nationals and Afghans seen as eligible to be taken out has ended, there is confusion over how many more people could have been taken – and what their options are now. Allí...

Ex-Marine sorry for expletive-laden message over Afghan evacuation

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A former Royal Marine has admitted his emotions “got the better” of him when he left an expletive-laden message for a government aide while trying to evacuate about 170 dogs and cats from an animal shelter in Afghanis...

Kabul airport comes under rocket fire as US Afghanistan evacuation enters final 48 horas

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Several rockets were fired at Kabul airport on Monday, less than 48 hours before the United States is due to complete its troop withdrawal from Afghanistan. Eyewitnesses said the rockets were launched from a car and w...

Animal rescuer ‘threatened’ MoD aide for ‘blocking’ Kabul evacuation

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A former Royal Marine who founded an animal shelter in Kabul left an expletive-laden message for a government aide as he sought to place his staff and pets on a flight out of Afghanistan, according to reports. The Tim...

Ex-marine Pen Farthing and pets cleared for Afghanistan evacuation

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Paul "Pen" Farthing, who founded an animal shelter in Kabul, has made it through the airport’s security and is awaiting a flight out of Afghanistan, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) ha dicho. The former Royal Marine and ...

Afghanistan duo arrive in Tokyo for Paralympics after Kabul evacuation

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Afghanistan athletes Zakia Khudadadi and Hossain Rasouli will take part in the Tokyo Paralympics after being safely evacuated from Kabul. The pair looked set to miss the event following the Taliban’s return to power i...

‘Total betrayal’: Afghan interpreters shocked as New Zealand ends Kabul evacuation

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Afghan interpreters left behind after New Zealand ceased its mercy flights are shocked and terrified at being stranded, saying it is a “total betrayal” by the New Zealand government. The Guardian spoke to an Afghan in...

Afghan Chevening scholar relieved after evacuation to UK

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A Chevening scholar who has arrived in the UK after being airlifted out of Afghanistan has said she is relieved to escape the “hell” of Taliban rule but is worried about how the trauma of her ordeal will affect her st...

‘We were not aware of this visit’: Pentagon on US congressmen in Kabul during evacuation – video

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The Pentagon has responded to the unexpected arrival of two US Congress members in Kabul airport, in what the congressmen claimed was a fact-finding mission but critics have dismissed as grandstanding. “They certainly...

Afganistán noticias en vivo: unclear how many will be left behind after evacuation, says UK foreign secretary

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Dominic Raab says numbers depend on ‘the window' of opportunity; ‘we are determined to complete this mission’, says US President; reports emerge that US has started to take some of the 6,000 troops out of country

Ukraine denies minister’s claims of hijacked Afghanistan evacuation flight

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A Ukrainian minister has claimed a passenger jet meant to evacuate people fleeing Afghanistan to Ukraine was hijacked at gunpoint and flown instead to Iran, in an unconfirmed incident that was later denied by his own ...

G7 leaders to seek unity on Taliban as deadline for Afghanistan evacuation looms

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G7 leaders will be under pressure to present a united front at an emergency summit on Afghanistan on Tuesday despite public divisions over the deadline to complete evacuations from the country by 31 agosto. With the d...

Refugiada afgana da a luz en avión de evacuación de EE. UU.

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Una mujer afgana dio a luz a bordo de un avión de evacuación estadounidense el sábado, momentos después de aterrizar en la base aérea de Ramstein en Alemania, la fuerza aérea de los Estados Unidos dijo. La mujer dio a luz a una niña en la bodega de carga de un avión C-17..

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