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Church of England must include minority ethnic candidate for bishops

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The Church of England must include at least one candidate from a minority ethnic background on shortlists for bishops and other senior roles in a drive to rid the church of “racial sin”, a report says. All governing b...

Ufficio a casa: new deportation law may discriminate against ethnic minorities

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Internal report reveals risk to migrant rough sleepers in crackdownThe Home Office has admitted that a new immigration rule to criminalise and deport migrant rough sleepers may discriminate against ethnic minorities, ...

Ethnic minorities ‘doing better than white majorityin many areas, says race commission chair – live

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Tony Sewell, who chaired commission, brushes aside suggestions he was hired because he previously said there was no institutional racism

Birmania: US orders diplomats to leave as coup spurs ethnic tensions

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The United States has ordered the departure of non-essential diplomats from Myanmar, amid growing violence following the military coup to oust civilian leader Aung San Suu Kyi. Daily protests demanding the restoration...

Businesses may be forced to reveal pay gap between ethnic minority and white staff

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Companies could be ordered to disclose any pay gap between white employees and their minority ethnic colleagues under reforms supported by Boris Johnson’s race equality advisers. The Commission on Race and Ethnic Dis...

After years of debate, California high schools will teach ethnic studies. But whose stories get told?

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Two years ago, California set out to draft a model ethnic studies curriculum for its high schools. The state’s department of education had no idea how heated the debate would get. More than two years, multiple versio...

NHS body in England urges minority ethnic people to fill out census

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An independent NHS body is urging black and minority ethnic communities to complete this year’s national census survey to help capture a more accurate picture of the overall health condition of households across Engla...

New heights: the minority ethnic hiking clubs opening up rural Britain

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“It felt like we were the first black people ever to be up there. There must have been at least 200 people at that cafe on the top of Mount Snowdon and everyone was white. I was very proud of myself. I was like: ‘Yeah...

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